Two deaths in a Tesla crash with Autopilot

Two deaths in a Tesla crash with Autopilot
Two deaths in a Tesla crash with Autopilot
We have talked several times about Tesla’s Autopilot (and not only that), about the latest generation technology that makes cars practically autonomous, able to drive alone, without having a driver behind the wheel.

All very nice, if it weren’t for the danger, in some circumstances, of this system (at least for the moment). In reality, it has already caused several accidents, even serious ones, which have caused several car manufacturers to take a step back to focus on the improvements to be made to this technology, which is certainly the one of the future.

What we know today (we read a news from ANSA, which reports what happened directly from the Wall Street Journal), is that two people lost their lives while they were aboard their Tesla. It seems, according to what was declared by the police, that the car at that time did not have a driver behind the wheel, but was driving completely by itself. The Tesla was traveling at high speed in the area north of Houston, until it crashed into a tree; after which it caught fire and there was nothing for the two occupants to do.

When the police were alerted and arrived at the crash site, they found the two victims in the vehicle: one was sitting in the back, the other on the seat next to the driver’s seat. ‘Definitely’ then the car he drove with the Autopilot.

At the moment, still no investigator and expert has already confirmed the fact that the driving assistance system was in operation at the time of the serious accident, although it is almost certain. There is one very important thing to know, to date, self-driving cars are not yet completely autonomous, you have to be careful. To give an example, even the same Tesla car manufacturer, on its website and in general on the material relating to its vehicles, warns every possible customer that the system at this time is not yet able to make the cars fully autonomous and therefore you absolutely need the supervision of the driver during trips (although unfortunately there are some drivers who take risks with extreme gestures).

This information must be clear above all because, unfortunately we have an example, to date letting the car drive alone could be really a lot dangerous, to the point of putting his own life at risk.

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