The online «Bible» of electric vehicles is made in Parma

The online «Bible» of electric vehicles is made in Parma
The online «Bible» of electric vehicles is made in Parma

We hear about electric mobility all the time these days: it is an area at the center of the great transformation that concerns the automotive industry. But if, until now, it was difficult to unravel the sea magnum of information that can be found on the net, relating to the different types of vehicles on the market, as well as to the related products and services, now the solution is at hand. And of clicks. It’s called Superevisor and it’s an idea born right in our city, thanks to the happy intuition of Luca Mamiani, a Parmesan entrepreneur with a real passion for design and cars.

This is the first global platform – already operational and which includes both a website ( and an App available for Apple and Android devices – in which users can share real and transparent information on the universe of electric mobility, with a continuous and reciprocal exchange of everyday user experiences.

The site is multilingual (for now Italian and English, but soon others will be added) and structured in an intuitive way, with an essential graphic style. The home page offers a detailed overview of the many thematic areas, offering search functions and quick access to the pages, through a well-ordered subdivision of the categories: cars, motorcycles, e-bikes and scooters, dealerships, recharging points, product retailers and services, electric mobility events, solutions for industry and boating, destinations, media. Even workshops specializing in the repair of chassis of electric vehicles, tire dealers and insurance companies.

Products and reviews

In short, those who want to embrace the electric will find everything they need on Superevisor. «It is a constantly evolving platform powered by the users themselves who, in addition to leaving reviews and comments or asking their questions to companies, also have the possibility of adding new products and services» explains Mamiani, who founded the supervisor website. com together with Sandro and Roberto Graiff.

«I am traveling and I stop to recharge the vehicle: I realize that that column has not yet been inserted on the platform. Well: in a few moments I can create the new product sheet. Of course, every entry requires the approval of our moderation team, which follows a strict control and verification system ».

To propitiate the birth of Superevisor, it was a personal need of Mamiani himself. “I had to buy an electric car and I was looking for feedback from people who had already done so,” reveals the CEO of Superevisor. “I wanted to understand what exactly those who had already made the transition to electric thought, what services or accessories were needed. A research that, in the various media, proved to be extremely complex: in fact, there was no site dedicated to vehicle reviews ».

Chasing TripAdvisor

Other platforms were born out of the desire to receive more information. «Pure TripAdvisor, to quote a successful platform experience, was born like this: the founder had to leave for Mexico and could not find information on the properties he had booked. Electric mobility – observes Mamiani – is a new dimension and, in part, still little known: users need reliable reference points to make informed purchases, while for companies, interaction with customer feedback is an indispensable form of dialogue. Superevisor is the ideal meeting place: a platform where you can socialize and have a clearer, richer and more articulated vision of the entire e-mobility chain “.

Vittorio Rotolo

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