8-hour anti-Green pass strike and Electrolux presidia. Leopard-spotted arms crossed in several other companies in the Sinistra Piave

Strikes almost everywhere among the workers in Sinistra Piave, in particular between Susegana and Vittorio Veneto for the withdrawal of the Green Pass for work. As always, the pilot company was Electrolux, followed also by those of the Zoppas group, Sipa and Irca whose workers crossed their arms this morning.

Eight hours at Electrolux, where on Wednesday the digital devices to detect the validity of the green pass were also installed at the entrance turnstiles of the Electrolux Susegana plant.

The union delegates of Fim, Fiom and Uilm were proclaimed yesterday by the RSU: “All day to say – as reported by the sign posted on the reception – enough inertia towards the attacks of companies and government against workers” and to ask for the withdrawal immediate Gree Pass for work.

Instead, we ask the union and the government for urgent action to adjust wages to the increase in prices, we ask for urgent work on safety at work to say enough to injuries and deaths “adding the request to Electrolux to reorganize the safety team for this too. .

So this morning strike and principals in front of the companies, in the hours of entry and exit of the shifts, with a fair amount of participation. “Of the four lines in Electrolux in Susegana only one worked, while – confirmed the RSU – even a part, one hundred per shift, of the 250 workers with fixed-term contracts freely joined the strike”.

“This is a positive news – the delegates said – since the precarious workers suffer psychological pressure, blackmail employment and the expiry of contracts in their participation in these trade union measures”.

There will be no indefinite strike this no, but with 20 percent of workers not vaccinated they are… thoughts for the future. For example, from next Monday: “We have not discussed, this is a unitary initiative – explains Augustin Breda, of Electrolux Rsu Fiom -, we will see how discussion and debate on these issues develop. We will undertake a series of initiatives with respect to the rules that the company applies “beyond” that provided for by the Law Decree. Like maybe not paying for sickness, or 104 in case of unjustified absence the previous day. For us these are wrong interpretations, and in the first cases we will immediately make appeals also to the judiciary, if needed. We will also evaluate new initiatives it is sure, for this fight against the obligation of green passes in the factory, we will invent something for sure “.

(Photo: Qdpnews.it © reserved reproduction).

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