banks push the Ftse Mib, Leonardo’s thud

Sitting on the rise for the Milan Stock Exchange today: on the Ftse Mib, which capitalized on return of purchases on securities of the banking sector, is reported in Leonardo’s thud.

From the minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve it emerged that the extraordinary purchase plan could end as early as mid-2022. This in light of the fact that tapering, the progressive withdrawal of stimulus measures, it could start as early as November.

In correspondence with the stop in trading, the Brent futures are up by 0.18% to 83.3 dollars a barrel while the Eurodollar is trading at 1.15839 (-0.1%).

Milan Stock Exchange Today, update at 17:45: Ftse Mib, Leonardo thud

In Milan, the Ftse Mib stopped at 26,277.57 points, + 1.23% on the previous figure.

Day to forget for Leonardo (-7.05%) who, according to rumors circulated in the second part, would have reported to Boeing the incorrect manufacture of some components of the Boeing 787.

The BTP-Bund spread did not record significant changes at 106 basis points (-0.5%).

Update at 1pm: Ftse Mib top performer in Europe

Mid-session the Cac40 marks a + 0.35%, the Dax a 0.36% and the Ftse Mib a + 0.57%.

Banco BPM (+ 4.19%) recorded the best performance on the blue chip basket following the start of hedging by Jefferies with a buy recommendation and a target price of 3.5 euros.

UniCredit (+ 0.57%) instead issued the analyst consensus on the third quarter: the net profit is seen at 825 million euros and the intermediation margin at 4.26 billion (median values).

Wall Street futures: indices expected to rise

The derivative on the Dow Jones recorded + 0.6%, the one on the S & P500 advanced by 0.65% and the future on the Nasdaq rose by 0.79%.

Update 9:25 am: Ftse Mib, banks start to rise again

The Ftse100 starts up by 0.62%, the Cac40 marks a + 0.43%, the Dax rises by half a percentage point and our Ftse Mib changes hands at 26,108.2 points (+ 0.58%).

In the banking sector, there was a return on purchases on Banco BPM (+ 1.85%), BPER Banca (+ 0.99%) and UniCredit (+ 0.67%). According to the newspapers, the new three-year plan of Piazza Gae Aulenti will focus on Bancassurance and Wealth Management.

The BTP-Bund spread advances by over one percentage point to 108 basis points.

Asia Stock Exchanges: Tokyo in sharp rise

The Hong Kong index, the Hang Seng, shares up 0.23%, the China A50 posted -0.76% and the Australian S & P / ASX 200 finished with + 0.54%.

An increase of 1.46% for Tokyo, where the Nikkei closed at 28,550.93 points.

Wall Street: S & P500 and Nasdaq above par

The session on Wall Street closed with the Dow Jones in perfect parity, with the S & P500 which marked a + 0.3% and with the Nasdaq up by 0.73%.

After JPMorgan and BlackRock, the results of Bank of America e Citigroup.

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