Could the RAI fee also arrive for smartphones and tablets?

Could the RAI fee also arrive for smartphones and tablets?
Could the RAI fee also arrive for smartphones and tablets?

According to the CEO of Rai, Carlo Fuortes, the fee for public TV would be incongruo compared to the needs of the service, which in recent years has seen a steady decrease in revenues, for a collapse of 700 million euros.

To deal with these losses, Fuortes put forward four proposals before the Rai supervisory commission, one of which is of particular interest to us. The administrator has indeed suggested a

extension of the perimeter of application of the fee to multimedia devices, thus providing that it must also be paid by those who do not own a TV but use smartphones and tablets

In other words, the administrator proposes to extend the fee, charging it not only to those who have a TV, but also to those who use smartphones and tablets. For the avoidance of doubt, we specify that the television license fee is “a tax on the possession of equipment suitable or adaptable to the reception of television radio hearings ” therefore, in a completely theoretical line, it can also be applied to other devices besides the TV (after having legally defined what is meant by “reception of television radio hearings”, of course).

The idea behind the proposal, probably, is that even though I don’t have a television, it is now possible to use public TV through the portal RaiPlay.

Regarding the canon, Fuortes found that with the introduction of the canon in boletta is the evasion rate dropped (now at 5-3 percent); however, according to the CEO, this is an incongruous resource:

we are talking about € 90, against € 312 in Switzerland or € 138 in France.

Despite the administrator’s idea, at the moment it is unlikely that the proposal will be accepted by the policy that will have to legislate on it, but we will not fail to follow any updates.


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