Green Pass in the company, check with the INPS portal: how it works

Green Pass in the company, check with the INPS portal: how it works
Green Pass in the company, check with the INPS portal: how it works

To meet the obligation of control of the Green Pass held by employees, the companies have available new automated systems that are added to the scan with the VerificationC19 app as has been the case until today. Among these, also the one that passes from INPS portal. Let’s see how it works, with reference to what is reported in the text of the last DPCM.

Green Pass in the company: check with the INPS portal

Employers will have access to a new portal-hosted service called Green Pass Verification Request. It will come in handy to receive a daily report on the validity of the Green Certificate of its employees, without necessarily having to scan each QR code by hand. The control takes place by interfacing with the National Platform managed by the Ministry of Health which is responsible for issuing the document, with a asynchronous mode.

The INPS portal, using its channels and the information it has on employers and workers, public and private, can act as an intermediary with the National Platform-DGC for the asynchronous verification of the Green Pass, with reference to the list of codes tax of the employees of the same, making available a new service “Green Pass Verification Request” which provides for a specific request for use by the employer, with more than 50 employees, which must indicate the verifiers to be enabled in relation to their employees.

The text specifies that the verify it must be carried out only and exclusively on those present at the moment in the workplace, not on those who are absent.

The verification activities must be carried out exclusively with respect to the personnel actually in service for whom access to the workplace is foreseen on the day in which the verification is carried out, excluding employees who are absent for specific reasons (e.g. holidays, illnesses, permits ) or who perform their work in an agile way.

This is how the exchange of information between INPS and the National Platform is described, which takes place once a day. The verifier cannot know if the Green Pass examined was issued following vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or swab – all it displays is the result of the check, positive or negative.

The INPS institutional portal allows the designated verifier to view the validity of the Green Passes of all or part of the employees. More precisely, INPS uses daily, in a predefined time window, the service of the PN-DGC which returns, for all the personnel of interest, a photograph of the Boolean information relating to the possession of a valid green pass. This information, available until the next day’s upload, will be made available for interrogation by the verifier, who is authorized to check a specific group of employees defined on the basis of the security profile assigned to him.

The method is designed taking into account the need to guarantee the highest possible level of safety and the protection of privacy.

The storage of information on the INPS system is temporary and is carried out in a secure and inaccessible area, for the time strictly necessary until the next day’s query. To this end, separate schemes are used for storing personal data and data relating to the Green Certification. The information that relates the two schemes is encrypted and furthermore the data query can be carried out exclusively through a dedicated service.

This is the representative scheme of operation.

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