DVB-T2 change frequency and goodbye to channel 5? Here’s how to fix it

If before only some TV channels underwent changes in terms of viewing, now even those with more views will not remain safe.

The minor channels of RAI will change in a few days, while Rai 1 and Canale 5 will undergo this change later – MeteoWeek.com

The first technical phase of the switch off from the old to the new standard either terrestrial and digital. In fact, we are talking about the announcement of the transition to coding Mpeg-4 per 19 minor channels, therefore, it is not about networks most popular and with i more plays. But now also RAI e Mediaset will undergo substantial changes, and that will likely have a greater impact on many viewers since it is Italy 1 e Channel 5.

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Obviously these two networks just mentioned are excluded from the technical modification of October 20, so we can continue to see them equally with the vecchio standard Mpeg-2. But what will change will be the digital satellite by tivùsat, that is the free platform that makes them available digital terrestrial channels. And this is where, the two networks of Mediaset, will be transmitted only with HD resolution. This means that many will not be able to see these channels, especially if it is a Very dated and old TV.

Date of modification

Television is one of the most sold and used devices among electronic devices. In fact, it is estimated that in every home there are at least two – MeteoWeek.com

The passage of Italy 1 all’HD will happen on November 1, while regarding Channel 5 you will have to wait until January 1, 2022, a slightly longer time but which perhaps will give thechance many people to promptly change the own television. The passage of Italia 1 to HD only on tivùsat it will happen very soon: November 1st, soon three weeks. There will be more time, however, for Channel 5, which will shut down the network in standard resolution only on 1 January 2022.

To understand if we will find problems or not in the future it will be enough to see, now, if the TV will be able to display Network 4. Once this is done, we can rest easy seeing that, should the TV had succeeded to connect to the channel, it means that we will have the opportunity to to look in the future either Italy 1 and Channel 5. Recall that the TV and compatible decoders with the MPEG4 will be all HD TV, i tivùsat 4k, and finally both latex that lativù 4K. And if there will be no way of to update these devices, all we have to do is buy one new with double integrated decoder, so both with the DVB-T2 digital terrestrial than that DVB-S2 satellite.

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This choice is the best to take for the simple fact that all TV modern they have this function, and above all they do not carry any incompatibility problems for many years. Only when you switch to codec HEVC Main-10 we will have to make changes on these as well devices, but at the moment there is no need to think about it. Finally, for anyone who has these types of latest generation TVs, it will be sufficient to use the card tivùsat in one of the slots for the CAM available.

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