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Ftse Mib: a title with a dream dividend. When does it detach?

Fairytale returns, PUBLISHED:
13 October 20:41

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

by Davide Pantaleo


Ftse Mib Banca Mediolanum BCE

Among the blue chips there is one in particular that is preparing to pay a dividend with a dizzying yield. Here are all the details.

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At Piazza Affari, autumn will hold some nice surprises for lovers of dividends, given that until the end of the year the coupon detachments of some important titles in the list are on the agenda.

Dividends coming after the removal of the ECB ban

The focus is in particular on financial sector players, some of whom will return to remunerate their shareholders after the ECB lifted the ban on dividend distribution on 30 September.

Next Monday, October 18, 2021, four blue chips will be called to this appointment.

Banca Mediolanum: on Monday detaches a mega dividend

Among others, we point out in particular Banca Mediolanum which is preparing to detach a very substantial coupon, with the possibility of a further payment before the end of the year.

On Monday 18 October Banca Mediolanum will pay a dividend of 0.7533 euros, which will be paid out on Wednesday 20 October.

Comparing this coupon to the value of today’s closing of the stock, (€ 9.736), you get a really super yield of 7.74%.

The dividend arriving next Monday is made up of two parts: € 0.4133 is the second tranche relating to the 2020 financial year, while € 0.34 refers to the reserves made in previous years and not paid due to the ban imposed by the ECB in 2020.

Banca Mediolanum: focus on the coupon already paid and on the yield

The first tranche of the 2020 financial year was paid last May, with a coupon of € 0.02667, with a total dividend of € 0.78 for 2020.

Considering this value in relation to the current listing of Banca Mediolanum, the result is a mega yield of 8.01%.

The payment of the dividend arriving on Monday 18 October was confirmed at the beginning of the month by the company, which in fact gave the go-ahead for the detachment, “as no new measures and / or recommendations relating to distribution have been issued by the supervision “.

Banca Mediolanum: a 3rd dividend possible before the end of the year

The good news does not end there, however, given that Banca Mediolanum could pay another dividend after the one arriving on 18 October.

In fact, the company explained that, in the absence of new provisions by the authority regarding distributions to shareholders, it will be able to resume the dividend policy followed in the last pre-pandemic years.

In particular, the Board of Directors will be able to evaluate, provided that all the conditions are met, the distribution in the fourth quarter of this year of an interim dividend based on the economic results defined at the end of the third quarter.

After that of Monday 18 October, the appointment is therefore for 10 November, when Banca Mediolanum will lift the veil on the accounts of the third quarter, in the light of which the decision on the possible interim dividend will be able to mature.

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Ftse Mib title dream dividend detach

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