Petrol, skyrocketing prices From mid-November the discount card will return

Petrol, skyrocketing prices From mid-November the discount card will return
Petrol, skyrocketing prices From mid-November the discount card will return

Petrol, skyrocketing prices

From mid-November

the discount card will come back

Fuels. The price difference with Switzerland, albeit minimal, allows for the reintroduction of the subsidy, but not for diesel

Expensive gasoline, but the bloodletting for those who live in the Valtellina and Valchiavennasco area near the border with Switzerland should be short-lived. So to speak, because fuel will continue to cost a lot anyway. In these days, the long-awaited news from all those who live within 20 kilometers of the border with the Red-Crusader state has been made official.

The petrol discount is back in effect. The Lombardy Region measure introduced in recent years to facilitate economic operators who live in these areas and avoid the phenomenon of full expatriation. The reinstatement of the discount will return, however, only for petrol. Nothing to do for diesel, whose price differential with respect to Switzerland is not consistent enough.

The discount will be reinstated in the middle of November. The evaluation carried out by the Swiss and Italian embassies takes into consideration a quarterly average of prices in the areas located within a radius of 20 kilometers from the border. Then the Canton of Ticino, the province of Varese, Valchiavenna and the strip of Valtellina territory that leads from the Tiranese to the upper valley. To reactivate the bonus, the price difference per liter must be at least 0.05 cents of difference per liter.

Gap that in the last quarter was filled, albeit slightly. For regular petrol only. In recent months there has been no lack of protests from motorists and managers of purification plants. Especially in Valchiavenna. And the very high price reached by fuel seems to justify them in full. Yesterday the cost per liter of petrol served in Chiavenna reached € 1,949. The psychological threshold of the two euros is also fast approaching. Moreover passed yesterday in Tovo Sant’Agata. There is a technical problem, however, in the way of the petrol discount. Theoretically it should now work via an application downloadable from your smartphone.

The new “Fuel discount” app that will send the petrol discount card and the regional service card with the code to the attic, however, is not yet available. The free App, already announced by the Lombardy Region, is not yet online, it cannot be found on the platforms and play stores.

With the mobile phone in theory, we read on the Region’s website, just “show the system manager the refueling code generated by the App downloaded on the smartphone and proceed with the payment”. Moreover, to activate it when it is available, it will take a digital identity. A spid or an electronic identity card. And not everyone, of course, has it. But how much will the discount be once it is officially restored? It always depends on the distance of your municipality of residence from the border, of course. For those who live within 20 kilometers of border crossing points, the discount As known, the discount depends on the distance of the municipality of residence from the border. The municipalities are divided between band A, within 10 kilometers from the border, with a greater discount, and band B, within 20 kilometers, with a lower reduction. The last discounts were 10 cents for the A bracket and 2 cents for the B.


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