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The best employers in the world: the ranking

Who are i best employers of the world?

Forbes, the US business magazine, has compiled a list of best 750 companies who have been able to adapt to the market revolution after the health crisis: on the list Italy is growing, 24 Italian companies are included in the ranking. The last one, that of 2020, instead concerned the companies that would have responded better to the pandemic.

Among the winners we find Target, a US company operating in the large-scale distribution sector, which has decided to give up winter hires to invest current staff: greater flexibility, $ 2 an hour more for those who work on holidays and weekends, and a $ 200 million over 4-year plan to allow employees to take college courses.

Among the Italians who climb the summit we find from Ferrari to De ‘Longhi, even Eni and Leonardo among the best.

How the ranking was built

The ranking was based on anonymous interviews with 150,000 employees, both full-time and part-time, hired by multinationals and institutions.

They have been asked opinions of the type: Evaluate how much their employers would recommend to friends and family, or judge which other companies in their industry stand out positively or negatively.

In addition, respondents gave marks on aspects such as image, economic footprint, ability to develop talent, gender equality and social responsibility.

From the interview, 750 companies were chosen, of which 24 are Italian.

The best employers in the world

Among the first in the standings we find le Big Tech: Samsung wins first place for the second consecutive year, followed by Ibm and Microsoft. He comes down from the podium, in fourth position, Amazon, accused of racial discrimination and discrimination against pregnant women, as well as of inequalities in pay, as well as for the nineteenth-century rhythms of the workers of the Jeff Bezos Company.

The full adoption of remote work has instead allowed a Dell, already screwed to a hybrid model, mixed and in the presence, long before Covid, to rise from twelfth to seventh place.

Below, the ranking of top 20 companies in the Forbes chart.

The ranking

  1. Samsung (South Korea)
  2. Ibm (United States)
  3. Microsoft (United States)
  4. Amazon (United States)
  5. Apple (United States)
  6. Alphabet (United States)
  7. Dell technologies (United States)
  8. Huawei (China)
  9. Adobe (United States)
  10. Bmw group (Germany)
  11. Costco Wholesale (United States)
  12. Coca Cola (United States)
  13. Cisco systems (United States)
  14. Adidas (Germany)
  15. Siemens (Germany)
  16. Southwest airlines (United States)
  17. Airbus (Netherlands)
  18. Dr. Oetker (Germany)
  19. Dassault Systèmes (France)
  20. Delta air lines (United States)

The best Italian companies

In the ranking we also find 24 Italian companies: nine more than in the 2020 ranking. In front of all there is Ferrari, 28th in the world and 10th in Europe, up 23 places compared to 2020.

The Italians in the top 100 go from one to four companies. If last year there was only Ferrari, this year they also enter the rankings De ‘Longhi (34esima), Terna (55th) e Armani (85esima).

The ranking of the best Italians

The following are the top 24 Italian companies in the Forbes ranking. The gate indicates the position on the total of the 750 present.

  1. Ferrari (#28)
  2. De ‘Longhi (#34)
  3. Terna (#55)
  4. Armani (#85)
  5. Pirelli (#118)
  6. Prada (#124)
  7. Artsana (#133)
  8. Enel (#182)
  9. Mapei (#221)
  10. Calzedonia (#233)
  11. Tim Group (#238)
  12. Grimaldi group (#251)
  13. Snam (#320)
  14. Menarini group (#328)
  15. Italian State Railways (#329)
  16. Alpitour (#333)
  17. Eni (#507)
  18. Max Mara fashion group (#513)
  19. Generali group (#593)
  20. Eurospin Italy (#612)
  21. A2a (#636)
  22. Leonardo (#685)
  23. Cir group (#690)
  24. Safilo group (#691)

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