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The new Suzuki Burgman 400: consumes and pollutes less | The test

The new Suzuki Burgman 400: consumes and pollutes less | The test
The new Suzuki Burgman 400: consumes and pollutes less | The test
by Stefano Martignoni

The updated engine (Euro 5), full of safety devices (now there is also traction control, which can be deactivated), greater comfort: the Japanese maxi scooter is confirmed as a technically refined, powerful and very pleasant vehicle.

In a segment that sees many manufacturers with their own range medium displacement scooter sized around 300 cc, Suzuki continues to stick with the engine from 400 cc, introduced in 1998 and became a reference among the then maxiscooter. An engine that has given great satisfaction and has been updated to face yet another season with more efficient characteristics, and therefore lower consumption and emissions. But not all, the Suzuki designers have also thought about safety and life on board, refining a project that nevertheless continues on its path made up of classic forms and contents, more linked to substance than to special effects.

How the new Burgman 400 changes

We talked about substance not by chance. As for the engine, no upheavals but few and targeted interventions imposed by the compliance with the regulations Euro 5, but aimed at a more widespread improvement ofefficiency. The cams have a new profile with reduced valve crossing times to improve combustion at all revs, the Suzuki Dual Spark Technology adds a second spark plug and an injector capable of vaporising the fuel at its best, the cylinder has a new head with secondary air duct and the catalytic converter has two catalysts. What the driver can instead touch theEasy Start System, a solution borrowed from Suzuki motorcycles, which allows you to start the engine with only one short pressing the power button. In this updated version, the engine changes character slightly thus allowing the driver to have one very easy gas management at low to medium revs, thus making it fluid and tear-free the classic pace of congested city traffic. From medium to high revs (around 90 km / h, so to speak) we appreciate one response prompt but not abrupt, which allows you to resume decisively for quick and safe overtaking. From here up to the maximum rotation speeds, the power delivered free e the engine pushes decisively and quickly until you reach the maximum speed of 135 km / h, not exceptional but satisfactory for a scooter destined to spend most of its life on city streets. The new Burgman 400 confirms the performance of the previous model, with a maximum power of 21.5 kW (29.2 hp) at 6,300 rpm and maximum torque of 35.2 Nm at 4,900 rpm, the top speed reaches 135 km / h. Consumption declared 27.2 km / liter.

Top rear suspension

Ace in the hole of the Burgman compared to competitors undoubtedly the rear suspension. In fact, it adopts a solution a linkages with single shock absorber, which is progressive and extremely precise and comfortable. The shock absorber adjustable in preload (7 positions) and manages 100 mm of travel. Comfort benefits from this, especially when traveling on uneven surfaces (i.e. 90% of the kilometers traveled in the city), then driving precision and the feeling of control when the pace picks up and you go through guided sections, such as a hilly road or the classic mountain pass. In this situation we forget the unpleasant sensation of the rear end that “pump” typical of scooters with two shock absorbers … The rear suspension combined with a traditional fork with 41mm diameter stanchions and 110mm travel, which the effectiveness of the rear end makes it seem little more than discreet. The braking system has also been confirmed, with double 260mm front disc, 210mm rear disc and ABS system. The equipment also includes a parking brake, which is particularly practical when parking on sloping ground. There 15 “front wheel and, like the rear one, this year has the same color scheme as the Suzuki sports bikes. The presence of the traction control system, which guarantees greater safety to the rider in those low-grip conditions typical of cities, especially in the months with less favorable weather conditions. Control can be disabled in a very simple way thanks to a button on the right block.

The strong point is comfort

If it were a car it would be a Mercedes. Yes, because like the cars of the Star, the Burgman also has a penchant for comfort, both static and driving. The rear suspension (which we have already mentioned) and the habitability contribute to the former. Starting from the saddle, with padding – well supported – 78.5 mm thick, ground height of 755 mm, lumbar support that can be advanced by 15 or 30 mm and tapered footboard in its rear part, to easily rest the feet on the ground (the downside that during the sporty driving we have in vain sought a position a little further back). Abundant legroom and the standard Plexiglas offers a good air protection and above all it has the upper edge that does not interfere with the view. Those who want more protection can, however, choose the increased windshield, optional, higher than 75 mm.

The numerous rooms

Speaking of spaces, those dedicated to storage are large and practical. They fit under the saddle a full-face helmet and a demi jet. And also the two compartments in the shield they are capacious and with an opening that allows you to insert your hand without contortionism; it’s a pity that they don’t have the opportunity to be closed. In the one on the right there is one press to 12 V, even if from a medium of today, moreover of medium displacement, it is reasonable to expect a USB socket. As the eye also wants to be satisfied, Suzuki has decided to propose the new Burgman 400 in three only opaque shades, which reflect the current trend: silver, gray and black with contrasting blue rims. The price, thanks to a promotion destined to last for a while, it allows you to buy it for 6,990 euros or 99 euros / month for 24 or 36 installments. If you are not shocked by a classic display – with two analog instruments and digital info in the middle – but full of information (including instant consumption, autonomy, presence of ice and Eco Drive driving), we would like at least the minimum wage of connectivity. A feature that now also distinguishes scooters with a lower displacement and lower price range.

The card and the report card

Saddle height: 755 mm
Weight: 218 kg
Capacity under the saddle: 1 full-face helmet and 1 half jet
Engine: 400cc liquid-cooled single cylinder
Approval: Euro 5
Power: 29 hp at 6,300 rpm
Torque: 35.2 Nm at 4,900 rpm
Consumption declared: 4.0 l / 100 km
Optional accessories: 55-liter top box, oversized windshield, heated grips, hand guards
Price: from 6,990 euros

Driving dynamics
Perceived quality
Load capacity
Back shield compartments without closure
No has keyless starter
It only has a 12 V socket

October 12, 2021 (change October 12, 2021 | 12:39)


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