Possible return by the end of the month of the petrol discount in the border areas

Possible return by the end of the month of the petrol discount in the border areas
Possible return by the end of the month of the petrol discount in the border areas

IThe price of petrol in the border areas once again justifies the reintroduction of the discount. To announce the possible return of the savings for drivers is the vice president of the Lombard council Francesca Brianza: “The latest price survey by the Italian Embassy in Switzerland certifies that there is the minimum difference between the two prices to allow the activation of the discount – explains Brianza – which for the moment it will only concern petrol and the municipalities of the so-called band A. As soon as there will beauthorization of the Guarantor Authority, Lombardy Region will reactivate without delay the Fuel Discount Card, a lot probably by the end of the month.”

The exponent of the League had already been the author and first signatory of an urgent motion, unanimously approved by the Regional Council, pto facilitate the reactivation of the Fuel Discount Card suspended during the pandemic emergency due to lack of legal requirements or the difference of at least 5 cents / liter between the price charged at the pump in Switzerland in the border area and the average Italian price.

“Lombardy Region – he continues – has also developed an innovative system through a special app that replaces the use of the old POS now obsolete. This measure, in addition to considerably simplifying the use of the Fuel Discount Card, also generates significant cost savings for operators and will also be very useful in preventing any abuse “.

The Fuel Discount app is the new tool to take advantage of the discount promoted by the Lombardy Region. The new system replaces the use of the Health Card – CSN: now the citizen will only have to download the app on their smartphone, show the system manager the discount code generated by the app and proceed with the payment of the discounted amount. It is currently still being finalized and cannot be downloaded.

Satisfied too the honorable Matteo Bianchi, mayoral candidate in the next run-off in Varese: “a great success for the benefit and protection of the inhabitants of Varese and fuel distributors. The League’s group of parliamentarians is very attentive to the peculiarities of the border territories and to the resolution of the complex problems that arise every day. The focus on areas close to Switzerland remains high ”.
“It is a great victory for a much appreciated measure that protects our territory and many jobs in Varese and Lombardy, especially with a view to economic recovery and post-pandemic consumption. We will monitor – they conclude – so that, as soon as the conditions are met, the measure is reactivated in its entirety and not only for the municipalities in band A “.

The long-awaited petrol discount card is finally back.


The requests of the FAIB Confesercenti paid off after several requests over the months by the category, starting the first motion, presented by Francesca Brianza, last May. “We are satisfied – comments FAIB President Massimo Sassi – the category has done its part and in a few months the result has been achieved. We thank the Lombardy Region and in particular the Vice President of the Regional Council Francesca Brianza who supported our requests ».

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