Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2021: the start dates of the offers

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2021: the start dates of the offers
Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2021: the start dates of the offers

November is the most awaited month by shoppers and the date to be marked this year (2021) for Black Friday is that of Friday 26 November, but like every year the discounts will last well over 24 hours.

What is Black Friday and where does it come from

Literally it means “Black Friday”; some argue that the reference is to the sales of the shops that went from red (negative) to black (positive), while others think that the meaning is linked to the black cars that lined up in the street in front of the shops. The first Black Friday dates back almost a hundred years ago. It was in fact 1924 when the Macy’s store in New York decided that on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day it would apply great discounts on many products.

Black Friday 2021 Italy: when it starts

The actual Black Friday will be on November 26 (from midnight), the date on which extremely advantageous discounts will be made on every type of product, from clothing to technology, from accessories to appliances. But as we have been used to for years, the discounts will start in many cases before November 26th.

Black Friday, such as the stores involved

Discounts and promotions will be made in both physical and online stores.

Cyber Monday

For some years now, Cyber ​​Monday has been added to Black Friday, which in 2021 will be November 29th. In particular, technological and electronic products will be discounted: therefore smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, video games and much more. Many shops and especially large commercial chains have extended the sales period to the entire month of November, which has thus been renamed “Black November”.

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Black Friday Cyber Monday start dates offers

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