“Many will not show up, it is unthinkable to replace them, thousands of companies at risk”

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Fano 11/10/2021 – Italy is the only European country, but also non-European apart from Saudi Arabia (the new Renaissance !!), which has imposed the obligation of the Green Pass to work from next October 15th. Failing that, the workers will not be admitted to offices, factories, shops etc .: they will remain temporarily without work and without salary.

The simplistic and bizarre solution adopted by the Draghi government, to support a vaccination campaign that only government propaganda judges positively as well as of dubious constitutionality (deprives the worker of the right to work and the relative remuneration), discharges on companies and particularly on SMEs, those with few employees, the enormous problems that come with it. And I am not thinking only of the problem of the reorganization of controls, of the verification of the green passes or of the periodic swabs of those who did not and will not take the vaccine: but of the forced absence of personnel and collaborators essential to the life and survival of the company. itself.

I am vaccinated and convinced of the need to be vaccinated to limit the risks and damage of the infection; I am convinced that the vaccine is mandatory for certain categories (health and school above all) and I definitely contest the falsehoods and lies of the claims on the web and on social networks of those who spread ridiculous nonsense about the “plot to depopulate the planet hatched by Governments and technocratic powers” . In our Association – Confcommercio Pesaro and Urbino – we are organized to enforce the legislative provisions and therefore the resulting obligations; just as we have informed the thousands of member companies on the actions to be implemented and the penalties envisaged. But, nevertheless, we are concerned about the negative effects that these provisions will have on the life and survival of companies. Including “ours” of course. Because it is not possible to replace the staff that we have to leave at home for the personal choice not to get vaccinated. Certainly the provisions give the possibility of substitutions in companies with less than 15 employees. But it is nonsense because “no one is born learned” and the professionalism of our collaborators is not found so easily and then immediately and for a short period. And then, let’s face it, we don’t want to do without our collaborators who – in small companies – are almost equated to family members.

The problems that these provisions will create will be enormous (even the use of holidays and permits will create serious problems) and it is strange that the “Government of the best” did not foresee them.
Already now we are witnessing numerous rethinkings also by those “pro-draghian” parties and organizations that had welcomed the government measures.

I think it is urgent to review these provisions (for example by extending the validity of tampons from 48 to 72 hours; to authorize do-it-yourself nasal tests in companies; to eliminate penalties but to encourage the use of masks and spacers) by intensifying the exhortation to vaccination with a serious and incisive communication campaign for the “safe vaccine” not left in the hands and bad arguments of Draghi or General Figliuolo.

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