A gloomy good morning for the House – Big Brother VIP

This morning the awakening in the House for All seems very slow.
Carmen and Jessica, recently awake, go to the beauty area to settle down before going to the kitchen for breakfast.
On the veranda sipping milk and coffee, there is Manuel in the company of Davide and Nicola, on the sofas a comfortable Aldo and Alex exchange a few words with Katia, cold from the gloomy morning.

Lucrezia, with a yogurt, sits down with her sister Jessica at the table on the veranda with Nicola, Aldo and Manuel and, as soon as Giucas joins them, they exchange a warm good morning. In the rooms, even with the music and lights on, the other VIPs continue to sleep.
A long day awaits them, in fact, they are extending their sleep to recover their strength and be ready for tonight’s episode.


gloomy good morning House Big Brother VIP

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