Car tax, 4 tricks to avoid paying the tax!

All those who are owners of a car with insurance have the obligation to pay the car tax: here are four tricks to avoid paying

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The car tax, also often known as the “calculation of the regional car tax” is a regional tax whose payment is due by all car owners indicated by the Public vehicle registration. The payment of the road tax is therefore due annually to whoever owns one or more cars with insurance, regardless of whether the car is in circulation or not.

The amount to be paid varies by the power of the car in kW or in cavalli and its environmental impact. Each Italian region has benchmarks, so the cost of the tax to be paid can change from year to year and from one region to another.
By consulting the website ofAci or the Revenue Agency we will be able to control how much we should pay and by what date. The payment of the car tax can be made at a post office, the ACI, an automobile practice agency, the Lottomatica tobacconists and in some regions even online.

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Car tax, the secrets for not paying: let’s find out together

There are some legal ploys born from rulings of the Cassation that allow us not to pay this tax and make use of reminders. However, it is necessary to make sure that everything coincides with what is described. Therefore no responsibility in this sense since these are stratagems that come directly from the Supreme Court. First, not everyone knows that the user will need to receive a payment notice from the responsible body. The deed must be sent by December 31 of the third year starting from that in which the tax was unpaid. However, the date of dispatch of the notice that matters is the one found on the postmark.

Still the car tax has a prescription period of 3 years. Therefore, after the third year, the request for payment expires.

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Furthermore, the law requires, based on a principle of administrative transparency that the total amount of the car tax and interest are expressed in a single item. If not, then we may not pay for it. In fact, the Collection Body must distinguish the two items, between interest and cost of the tax, but also by year.

Finally, if the user has not first received the prodromal deed, that is the notice of the Entity that had to collect the car tax, the taxpayer will have all the right to appeal for failure to notify the deed.

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