Sony and TSMC could open a chip factory in Japan –

Sony and TSMC could open a chip factory in Japan –
Sony and TSMC could open a chip factory in Japan –

Sony e TSMC, a major semiconductor manufacturer, could join forces to open one new chip factory in Japan, with the help of the Japanese government. For the uninitiated the “semiconductor crisis” is the main cause for the low availability in stores PS5 e Xbox Series X.

According to what reported by Nikkei (via Reuters), the Japanese government is ready to allocate a loan of 800 million yen (approximately € 6.15 million) for the opening of a new factory in Kumamoto, a city located in the south of Japan. The factory will produce automotive semiconductors, camera sensors and other products, probably including consoles like the PS5. Obviously, there is talk of a process that will take some time, with Nikkei expecting that the plant will only become operational in 2024.


Both Sony and TSMC have for the moment decided not to comment on Nikkei’s report. However, the Taiwanese giant, which among other things is one of Apple’s largest suppliers, last July said that it was considering the idea of ​​expanding its production in Japan. The company is worried about the production of its chips in Taiwan, as China seems willing to use force to take control of the island. Similarly, the Japanese government wants to ensure greater stability in the supply chain of its industries, considering that car manufacturers have been forced to drastically reduce production due to the shortage of semiconductors.

In any case, if the operation were to actually materialize, for obvious reasons Sony could reap great benefits in the long term, even for the production of its consoles, such as PS5.

Meanwhile, according to Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, PS5 and Xbox Series X will also be unavailable during the first half of 2022.


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