Ita, six days from the start still officially unknown name, symbol and colors. Which will be the same as those of Alitalia

Ita, six days from the start still officially unknown name, symbol and colors. Which will be the same as those of Alitalia
Ita, six days from the start still officially unknown name, symbol and colors. Which will be the same as those of Alitalia

What will the new flag carrier be called? What logo will it have? What colors? We will only find out in 6 days because for now everyone pretends not to know. It was explained today by the CEO of Ita Fabio Lazzerini who, on the sidelines of a conference in Milan, said: “Ita will start in 6 days and the race management dates you are seeing are close to our departure. We still don’t know what we will call ourselves but we will resolve the matter in the next few days and on the 15th you will find out“. “Tomorrow – he explained – we start communicating with the company’s announcement spot: we have to try to sell some tickets e we are forced to start with a video which is not yet branded “.

In the meantime Ita has received 700 million euros from the Ministry of the Treasury to go to the operational phase. And there would be a “Bridging agreement” for temporary use of the Alitalia logo pending the actual award of the brand. The first tender for the Alitalia symbol (auction base 290 million euros) has in fact gone deserted. Then you will have to proceed to a second tender with reduced offers. “In the second phase” of the Alitalia brand sales process “we did what we had to do, you can’t say what we’ve done, but we did something: we made our own decisions“. This was stated by the CEO of Ita, Fabio Lazzerini, on the sidelines of a conference in Milan on air transport, speaking of the interest in the brand of the former national airline. The debut is set for next Friday with a Milan-Rome flight with AZ code, the same as Alitalia.

Lazzerini reiterated the Ita disagreement on the “auction value” initial of 290 million. “It seems to me that the market has shown that no one agreed on that value, since no one has responded to the tender”. This does not mean that the brand is worth zero: “a value – he explained – certainly has it, is a historical brand, is a well-known brand, with pros and cons, with a glorious history but also a history of some stumbling blocks, and all this must be considered “. The fact that it has a value, added Lazzerini, does not mean that Ita has reformulated an offer: “we may also have decided that it has a value but we have not made an offer”.

Offensive against low cost incentives – Lazzerini then presses the sore point of low cost, low-cost companies to which Italy has given a lot of space, especially by decision of the Monti government. A different policy from those of Germany and France which have instead chosen to protect national carriers by keeping low cost outside the main airports. The CEO of Ita has announced “An offensive” against low cost incentives. “Competition is nice but the rules must be the same for everyone. You cannot call the national carrier in the winter when your airport is not connected and then in the summer you give your money to low cost, ”he explained. “There are examples that I find embarrassing: carriers opening in June with ribbon cutting with the president of the airport and the region, they leave in September, they return in June same ceremony, they return the third year same ceremony at the beginning of June. And from October to June who connects them for free? This is a strong question mark to ask as a country ”, complained Lazzerini.

“When you hear ‘the money thrown into the carrier first and the money invested in the new carrier”, remember that “The money that ends up as airport incentives is also money for the citizens and the state and incentives of the regions “, regions” that to put a banner that you can hardly find on the pages of the sites, even objectively ugly, of some low cost carriers spend millions “.

Hub in Fiumicino. Fundamental Linate – Ita will have its “hub at Fiumicino”, Linate considers “strategic”, with the aim of connect it “as much as possible“, While“ in our plan Malpensa at the moment has only New York”Which is however“ an important flight ”and“ daily ”. Fabio Lazzerini said. You cannot strategically start a national airline without presiding over “Linate which” is a fundamental airport both for our business and in view of the alliance ”as“ a strong presence on Linate is one of the important assets we have to offer ”to the future industrial partner. As for Malpensa, Ita is considering making one “base per i cargo: an operation that will not see Ita alone and I think we will need an alliance with a strong player in cargo, which is a sector that is doing very well ”.

Alliances, Lufthansa on pole – “I like German, the market is open there”. Fabio Lazzerini answers with a joke, to those who ask, if it were not the case to learn German, in light of the fact that Lufthansa appears to be the strong candidate in view of a strategic alliance with Ita, the Italian carrier that will rise from the ashes of Alitalia. To identify a strategic partner, the manager continued, “Let’s start the process with the advisor external in a typical international M&A mode starting from October 16. We would like to close the alliance in order to have a fairly strong collaboration in June next year. The resumption of traffic will take place at the beginning of the summer and we would like to be ready with a stable alliance ”. On the nature of the alliance, commercial or equity, “we will see”.

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