Never run dry again, the App arrives in Udine that promises to deliver wine and spirits in 30 minutes

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08 October 2021 13:56


Dry cellar and guests arriving? No fear, in the world of apps there is now also one that promises the delivery of wine, beer or other spirits within thirty minutes from the SOS launched by the customer. And all already cool at temperature.

Also disembarks at Udine, thanks to the resourcefulness of the entrepreneur and sommelier from Udine Stefano Venco, Winelivery, the wine, beer and drink delivery service already beloved by many Italians who found themselves dry or had to give gifts at the last minute, saved by the delivery of bottles already at the ideal temperature in 30 minutes.

Spoiled for choice

There are hundreds of labels that the people of Udine can choose from once they have downloaded the Winelivery. «I have set myself the goal of offering a service tailored to the needs of my city – comments Venco – listing the wines most loved by my fellow citizens, as well as a vast choice of national wines“. The selection of products is in fact studied in detail always going to steal what the tastes of the population are, in order not to disappoint any palate, in order to offer each glass the correct content, from Pinot Noir to Merlot without neglecting the beloved Italian and Italian bubbles. French ready to be uncorked on the best occasions.

For the undecided, an algorithm suggests the perfect bottle

For some the labels are never enough for others instead they are too many: to the eternal undecided The App for drinking has dedicated three test to find out what to toast with, one dedicated to wine lovers, one to gin and one to whiskey. In all cases, a sophisticated system of algorithms is capable of suggest the perfect bottle through simple questions, just like being in a wine shop.

Therefore, every Udine drink has his favorite drink, but also there opportunity to give gifts, maybe at the last minute or to organize a surprise party. With the Winelivery app you can have gifts delivered in less than 30 minutes complete with a personalized card and if party you improvise just choose the most suitable cocktails for the evening and the kit to create them will be delivered with lots of ice and glasses: ready to be mixed.

A visit to the cellar can also be booked

The Winelivery App fulfills the wishes of those who love good drinking at 360 °, not only with the delivery service. For those who want to get to know the realities that produce the beloved wine up close, the possibility of book experiences in wineries throughout Italy and to those who want to undertake the path towards a better knowledge of the nectar of the gods, a wine approach course in collaboration with Chef in Shirt. In the “How to Mix” section there are also video pills designed especially for those who want to learn how to make cocktails at home or at the bar.



run dry App arrives Udine promises deliver wine spirits minutes

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