Renault CEO drastic: cars will cost more

Renault CEO drastic: cars will cost more
Renault CEO drastic: cars will cost more

The CEO of Renault, Luca de Meo, warns: the auto, in the next future, will increase in price due to the shortage of chips and the high costs of materials and production. Here are the statements made to the Spanish business newspaper Expansion. Renault CEO did not mince words to clarify the situation: car prices will rise due to the shortage of semiconductors. But it is not just the chip’s fault in hindsight, since there is an increase in the final price also due to the increase in material costs.

“Car prices will rise even more in the next 12 months,” de Meo told the Spanish newspaper in an interview published Thursday, “as chip makers are taking advantage of leverage and scarcity is driving prices up, and not. little. “

News that will not please most, given that the price lists of car manufacturers have already been inflated due to the advent of more electrified and electric models, not to mention more expensive models with accessorised versions. Renault itself has admitted to concentrating its production on the richer versions. Those who need a vehicle in the short period of time prefer to grab a higher version or with a more powerful engine even if it does not fully meet their needs, rather than waiting 10 or 12 months for the delivery of an economical package. Also noteworthy is that car manufacturers recorded record profits on sales of their models in the first half of the year, thanks to the high margins between the cost of production and the final price.

In between, there are also incentives to give a good hand to sales, with prices rising also due to the high cost of steel, gas, energy, copper and aluminum, with their cost constantly increasing. Luca de Meo then added that, with the advancement towards electrification in the Old Continent, the Italian automotive manufacturers could find themselves in serious difficulty against the Chinese ones, further on in development and in electrical technology. Underlining that the new rules do not allow car manufacturers to amortize costs in the best possible way, in order to adopt the electric mobility.

“If Europe becomes the continent with the most battery-powered cars, it will be a conquering ground for the Chinese. They are more competitive in electric than in endothermic. For this reason, if we have the most restrictive regulations in terms of emissions and we focus on ‘battery car, the Chinese will look to Europe instead of the US “. These are the words of de Meo.


Renault CEO drastic cars cost

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