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We ran the Swank Rally of Sardinia with the Yamaha Ténéré 700 together with the champions Alessandro Botturi and Franco Picco, and many fans of adventure and motorcycle travel. Over 150 drivers who took part in the 5 days of competition. We started from the prologue on the Malpensa motocross track. Then below with the 4 stages: one between Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria, 3 in Sardinia.
The Swank Rally is a sporting event open to rally motorcycles, but also to vintage off-road motorcycles (pre 99) that race in the specific category and to maxienduro in general, as long as they are tessellated. Everything is organized by Deus together with Renato Zocchi. There is also the Experience class, which goes all the way and can optionally do the special stages timed, but remains out of the standings.
I was placed in this category along with other Yamaha guests Motor Italia (among these Franco Picco, the skier Giorgio Rocca, the MBE patron Francesco Agnoletto, the Dakarian Francesco Catanese, the rally driver Stefano Sacchini, the three winners of the Ténéré Challenge Davide, Angelo and Giacomo), to the rookie in the rallies Alex Salvini ( on Honda CRF450, former enduro world champion in 2013) and Filippo Bassoli (riding Edi Orioli’s incredible Cagiva Elefant that you can find in the video above).
Alessandro Botturi (on Yamaha Ténéré 700), Marco Aurelio Fontana (Honda CRF250), Ottavio Missoni (Honda XR600), Fabio Mauri, Nicola Di Piero, Michele Pradelli, Niccolò Pietribiasi (all on Yamaha Ténéré 700) are registered for the “real” competition. ), Livio Metelli, Alberto De Bernardi and other big names in Italian rallies.

The Yamaha Ténéré 700 di

“My” Yamaha Ténéré 700 at the Swank is a stock bike with some improvements which makes it perfect for tackling the Ligurian mule tracks and the sand of the dunes in Sardinia. Curated by Luca Lussana of Yamaha Italia (and by Gabriele, Max and Matteo to whom such a big thank you goes) the T7 was a real gem off-road. Very stable over 130 hours and easy to handle among the corks of the Burgos forest. But let’s get to the changes. Andreani cartridge in front, mono Ohlins and Dunlop D908 tires (with Dunlop mousse) are the adjustments that save the wallet and make the Yamaha Ténéré 700 fly. The engine stops and runs. The 16-liter tank was also more than enough, thanks to an average consumption of 18.8 km / l over 1,300 km of the race.
Fundamental to navigate, play and not get lost among the myrtles is the Garmin Montana 700i navigator, on which we upload the GPX tracks provided by the organizers (please note: we absolutely cannot give them to third parties, because part of the route develops on private areas with transit authorization).

He won Botturi in front of Missoni and Fontana

E since the Swank Rally is a real race, we also tell you how it went the competition. He literally dominated that old fox of the Bottu. A surface-to-surface missile on the Yamaha Ténéré 700, capable of even winning the prologue on the motocross track against the very agile single-cylinder in the race. He came in second place (on the vintage bike!) a very good giant, Ottavio Missoni. Few drive the Honda XR 600 as fast as he – and cruising -. Third was our driver of the Six Days, Marco Aurelio Fontana. He dreams of rallies and, judging by the performance in Sardinia, he is already from Dakar!

The other non-ranked riders – myself included – had a blast. Amazing landscapes, just enough asphalt and off-road as far as the eye can see have given us a beautiful rally. Renato Zocchi’s organization passed the exam with flying colors, thanks also to the presence of the excellent race director Sergio, the doctor and our guardian angel Elisa and the impeccable staff of Moto Ride Experience with Manuel and Rino.
Below you will find my personal logbook in pills and, above, the video. Good vision!

The logbook

Swank Rally 2021, prologue to the Ciglione.
Lots of mud but it’s gone! And tomorrow we leave for Genoa, the ship to Sardinia awaits us. But first special stage and lots of off-road kilometers between Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria. With the Ténéré 700 like mine there will also be the rally greats @botturialessandro and @francopiccoadventures.

Swank Rally 2021. First leg of 280km from Malpensa to Genoa. Easy and really nice off-road vehicle between Lombardy and Piedmont. Then the 10 km special in Liguria: canceled due to the final climb that was impracticable for the twin-cylinders, but also for a lot of mono

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