Fvg, the petrol card will change and it will become virtual

How will the subsidized fuel card change in Fvg.

The card which establishes the fuel discounts of the Fvg prepares to change his face. The direction is marked, it will be ecological transition towards forms of energy that have less impact on mobility, evaluating in this sense – as explained by the Councilor Fvg in Defense of the Environment and Energy, Fabio Scoccimarro, replying to the reports of the regional councilors Antonio Lippolis (League) e Roberto Cosolini (Pd) representing the Legislation, Control and Evaluation Committee (Lcv) – also initiatives aimed at developing the use of hydrogen.

In the meantime, pur revisiting the regional law 14/2020 in view of the 2035 registration ban on diesel and petrol vehicles, cross-border discounts will be proposed again but the related cards will be dematerialized, leaving the consulting and control tasks to the Chamber of Commerce.

This is what emerged today in the Chamber during the examination of the report of the Lcv committee on evaluation clause of the regional law 14/2010 (rules for the support for the purchase of motor vehicle fuels for private citizens residing in Fvg and for the promotion of ecological individual mobility and its development), approved by majority after the interventions of Furio Honsell (Open Left Fvg), Diego Moretti (Pd) e Ilaria Dal Zovo (5 digit).

It was highlighted by both speakers the drop in gasoline consumption (213 million liters sold in 2020 compared to 269 million in 2012) compared to a progressive increase in the use of diesel stopped only in the period of pandemic lockdown. Cosolini emphasized the low use of cards by a good half of the 530 thousand beneficiaries, that is the large majority who perceive an annual discount of less than 50 euros in spite of a minority (no more than 20 thousand) that reaches 200 euros.

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