Methane and LPG, prices skyrocket. How much does it cost to refuel in the city

LIVORNO. There is a photo that is making the rounds of the Livorno petrol stations: it is of the sign of a service station in the Pisa area that warns customers that methane has come to cost 2.24 euros per kilo. “You see, he’s flying all over the place, he’s gone up all of a sudden.” Here parochialism has nothing to do with it, even if whoever shows the photo lets the joke escape with a smile: «We were better than them eh …». In many cases, the gas station attendants widen their eyes and spread their arms in front of the rising cost of raw materials and the billboards of the oil companies which, even in Livorno, record the plus sign.

Methane is in particular a record leap. Not many in the city refuel cars with this once-upon-a-time pocket-sized fuel. But the exceptionality of the moment is well told by the data of the Mac distributor in via Cattaneo: yesterday afternoon methane was worth 2.13 euros per kilo, a cost that suddenly doubled if you think that until September (and practically in an almost uninterrupted way from December 2019 ) on the scoreboard were 1.09 euros. It means that if until a few days ago it took 12 euros to fill up a Panda, now it takes more than twenty.

Even in Livorno, methane thus exceeds 2 euros, as is happening in many other areas of Tuscany and Italy, if it is true that just two days ago Federmetano (the national federation of methane distributors and transporters) reported continuous increases in the price of the material. first from October 2020 to today, reaching even 600 percent.

Thus it seems almost a half miracle the limited increase of the privately run but Eni-branded service station in via delle Cateratte: here yesterday afternoon the methane was stopped at 1,290 euros per kilo, certainly increased by 26 cents compared to just two days before (€ 1,028), but still well below that record threshold of € 2.

LPG is also uphill. An example looking at the urban stretch of the Aurelia, then at one of the arteries where more vehicles pass and stop every day. Yesterday morning the Q8 distributor on Viale Boccaccio recorded a cost of LPG equal to 0.869 euros per liter, ten cents more than the day before (0.769). An increase that then dropped in the afternoon, when the price settled at € 0.819 per liter (therefore 5 cents more than on Monday), but still higher than a month ago (on September 2 it cost € 0.719).

In general, gas in the city has therefore reached the zero point seven ceiling, touching the zero point eight scale.

It is not booming for motorists and scooter riders even looking at the price of diesel and petrol displayed on most of the Aurelia pumps: in this case the increase in fuel is more contained than the record one of methane, but it is a constant trend for at least a month.

Yesterday, among the tills of the Eni distributor in via Firenze, in front of the Pam, it was said, for example, that for a long time there had not been an increase of two cents in one day: from 1,489 euros per liter for diesel and 1,629 for petrol to 1.509 for diesel and 1,649 for petrol. An increase that rises to six cents if the prices of 2 September last (1,449 and 1,589 euros) are taken as a reference.

In reality, during the day yesterday, the increases in diesel and petrol fluctuated almost everywhere between one and three cents. Among the lowest prices recorded were those at Esso station in Viale Petrarca, which in this period seems to have adopted a policy of containing fuel costs following the opening of the nearby Esselunga supermarket: yesterday in the early afternoon diesel cost 1,489 euros, however one cent more than on Sunday and three cents more than a month ago.


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