Media and pandemic, Internet TV is booming (2) – Ultima Ora

Media and pandemic, Internet TV is booming (2) – Ultima Ora
Media and pandemic, Internet TV is booming (2) – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 06 – Hyper-connected and always in front of a screen at any age, including smartphones, TVs and PCs: it now seems impossible to separate Italians, young and old, from the daily use of media, mostly digital , now necessary tools for information and entertainment, but also authentic relief valves in the difficult months of the lockdown. That covid has given an exceptional boost to digital evolution in our country is demonstrated by the 17th Censis Communication Report in which, alongside the detailed analysis of the post-pandemic media, also insights are provided on possible future prospects.

According to the Report, promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo, Mediaset, Rai, Tv2000 and Windtre, after 18 months of restrictions in 2021, the “media diets” of Italians have evolved: if the viewers of traditional TV have increased (digital terrestrial: +0 , 5% compared to 2019) and satellite TV (+ 0.5%), internet TV has experienced a real boom (web TV and smart TV rise to 41.9% of users: + 7.4% in the two-year period ), with mobile TV which went from 1% of viewers in 2007 to a third of Italians today (33.4%). We can also speak of extraordinary acceleration for the use of the internet: users have in fact reached 83.5% (+ 4.2% compared to 2019), the use of smartphones rises to 83.3% (compared to to 2019: + 7.6%) and the total number of users of social networks increased to 76.6% (+ 6.7%).

One of the most interesting data is linked to this segment: in 2021 the distances between generations will shorten, with the percentage of over 65s using the internet increasing from 42.0% to 51.4%. Among the elderly, users of social media are also growing from 36.5% to 47.7%.

On the traditional media front, the news regarding radio is good: according to the data, overall radio listeners are 79.6%, stable from one year to the next.

The book also did well, conquering readers (43.6% of Italians, with an increase of 1.7% compared to 2019, and consumers of ebooks also increased to 11.1%), while the crisis was consolidating history of newspapers (-8.2% compared to 2019), monthlies (-7.8%) and weeklies (-6.5% in the two-year period). (HANDLE).

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