what a show, the video between slalom and accelerate

A Fiat 500 in racing version: a real show for a spectacular video between slalom and acceleration

Fiat 500 (screen Youtube)

The Fiat 500 and the 126 they are part of the history of Italian motoring. The two city cars, with twin-cylinder engine, for years they have been the favorites in our country, real timeless icons. Although they are no longer in production – at least in their first versions – there are still many models circulating on our roads, as are the rallies of these cars.

And there are also modified versions of the small ones from Fiat; real models in rally style, completely revisited by racing fans. Lowered suspension, upgraded engines and transformed bodywork to meet every need.

This is what happened in the sort of slalom race reserved for these two-cylinder bikes since 700 cc engine. Many models engaged in the Slalom Rocca Novara di Sicilia, with the cars struggling with fast corners and panoramic ups and downs that put the cars’ engines to a hard test.

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Fiat 500, what a show among the pins

Truly spectacular moments for the two cars that gave a real one show even in the narrow slalom between the pins placed during the course to give a surplus of greater difficulty.

Both the 500s and the 126s engaged in this sort of race showed all the power of the Fiat engine; never in trouble, the rumble of the engine felt distinctly as well as various gear changes. Sudden and fast cornering entrances and excellent cornering grip for the cars. And a little curiosity regarding the 500; all models engaged in the slalom, had the engine hood open, probably to let as much air as possible.


show video slalom accelerate

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