Chip crisis, how late are deliveries of new cars? | Survey

Chip crisis, how late are deliveries of new cars? | Survey
Chip crisis, how late are deliveries of new cars? | Survey

The chip crisis is creating big problems to the entire automotive sector. We have talked about this issue several times. The lack of semiconductors is forcing most car manufacturers to drastically revise their production plans. In the most serious cases it even comes at the closure of the factories for several weeks. Just to give an example, Opel recently announced that the German production site where it builds the Grandland X model will remain stationary at least until the end of the year.

The restart at the beginning of 2022 is not obvious and a lot will depend on how the chip crisis develops in recent months. Unfortunately, the end of this problem may not be very near. Several analysts and some manufacturers estimate that the semiconductor supply problem could only ease in 2023. The situation, however, is very fluid and it is really difficult to hypothesize what could happen in the coming months.

The damage to car manufacturers is heavy. According to analysts of AlixPartners, 2021 could close with a loss of 7.7 million cars and with an economic damage quantifiable in about 180 billion euros. But the chip crisis is causing several problems also to end customers. With the production of the new models running slowly, delays pile up delays on delivery times.

HDMotori has received several reports from users who have been postponed by months the date of the alleged delivery of their new car. For this, we want to investigate the matter with your help. We propose, below, a quick survey which will help us understand the real situation regarding delivery times and any delays.


Chip crisis late deliveries cars Survey

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