New Mazda2, here it is photographed with the shapes of the Yaris

New Mazda2, here it is photographed with the shapes of the Yaris
New Mazda2, here it is photographed with the shapes of the Yaris

The new model year of the Mazda2 was launched during the summer and will represent the swan song of the current generation, destined to give way to the new one in the course of 2022. A classic rotation 8 years after launch and which will see the little Japanese change – as per tradition – completely styled, which will not, however, be in line with that of the older sisters.

As shown by the spy photos, in fact, the new Mazda2 will have the shapes of the current one Toyota Yaris. In fact, what you see parked is not the little one of the 3 Ellipses, but its “cousin” from Hiroshima with the logo (badly) covered by black adhesive tape.

Small and hybrid

Thus “disguised” one could think of being in front of the Toyota Yaris: the aesthetic differences are not there and also the logo “hybrid” remained the same. Hybrid that will represent the heart of the offer in the vast majority of markets, including Italy, and will not change the scheme that already moves the Yaris.

Under the hood of the new Mazda2 there will in fact be the same 1.5 3-cylinder 115 HP with lithium-ion batteries, for real consumption (tested in our Rome – Forlì) equal to 27.78 km / l.

A champion of economy run which will also be joined by petrol versions, all combined with front-wheel drive and 5-door bodywork. The 3-door is in fact reserved for the GR Yaris, the sportier version of the small of the 3 Ellipses which almost certainly will not have a Mazda counterpart.

And the crossover?

As written at the beginning, the new Mazda2 will arrive in 2022, with prices and equipment still to be defined, and will replicate what Suzuki did with Across and Swace, derived respectively from Toyota RAV4 and Corolla. At its side there will not be a raised version derived from the Yaris Cross.


Mazda2 photographed shapes Yaris

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