job opportunities in October

Poste Italiane hires various professional figures in October. Let’s find out the open positions sought and how to send the application.


The portal section of Italian post called “Work with us” hides a sea of ​​job opportunities. The Group is constantly looking for different professional roles to expand the workforce and create a solid and responsible structure. Profiles are required to fill positions throughout Italy, provide various requirements for the application and are, therefore, dedicated to both graduates and graduates. Each person will be able to find the right role to apply for, just look at the open positions for the current month.

Poste Italiane hires: open positions in October, the postman

In October, Poste Italiane searches three specific professional figures. The first open position is the one that requires the application for the role of postman for various locations in northern Italy. Among the requirements we mention the possession of a high school diploma with a minimum mark of 70/100. Higher scores will be awarded to the owner a bachelor’s degree – three-year or master’s degree – with a minimum grade of 102/110. Another requirement is the driver’s license valid for driving the company motor vehicle. Candidates for the Bolzano office must also have a bilingualism license. The recruitment involves the signing of a fixed-term contract.

Front End figures, application requirements

A second open position seeks professional figures of Front End for the offices of Bolzano and the municipalities of Trentino Alto Adige. The contract will initially be for a fixed term but you will have the opportunity to subsequently move on to indefinite period. The candidate will deal with the sale of the products and will proceed with the completion of administrative and operational tasks. Entry requirements are high school graduation and the bilingualism license.

Recruitment of Poste Italiane in the commercial and financial fields

In October, Poste Italiane is looking for candidates to be included in the commercial and financial field at offices scattered throughout Italy. The Group will provide training to become a financial consultant, thus enabling the acquisition of skills to sell products and services to customers. Passing the selection will lead to the signing of a apprenticeship contract with coaching. The requirements are a degree, excellent communication skills, excellent communication skills and enthusiasm in facing new challenges.

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How to submit your application

The application can be sent telematically through the Poste Italiane portal by entering the “Work with Us” and “Open Positions” section. Alternatively, you could send one spontaneous application to enter your CV in the system and be called as soon as a position in line with your profile comes out. We remind you that the deadline for submitting applications to the post of postman is 12 October 2021 while for the other two positions there is time until December 31, 2021.


job opportunities October

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