Methane price skyrocketing: how much it costs

“L’increase sudden gods prices market of the gas pushed its value towards digits that no one would May imagined“. He writes it Federmetano in a press release. The National Federation of Methane Distributors and Transporters has raised the alarm: “Since 2005 the average annual price of gas has always been around 24,50 cents/smc”.

However, since the beginning of 2021, “the cost of the raw material is more than tripled”, Observes Massimo Monti of SprintGas, a Bolognese company that distributes methane. “At this moment in our plants we sell methane to 1,1 euros per child. Until a few months ago, we were at 90 cents. But just to make up for the cost differential compared to the beginning of the year, we should sell it double”.

How much methane consumption has increased since the beginning of 2021

Federmetano expressed concern about the repercussions of this market trend on sector operators, entrepreneurs and workers, and on one user which shows great confidence in natural gas for cars. In fact the consumption of compressed methane is increased despite the dynamics of prices, increasing by 13% since the start of the year. The trend is the same even if you measure it on the last one five years. It has gone from 1,071 million vehicles running on methane in 2019 to 1,088 million in 2020.

How to stem the damage of an increase in the cost of methane

To counterbalance the sting, Federmetano announced that he is currently in negotiations with the Ministry of Economy to apply theReduced VAT at 5%, provided for by the “Save bills” decree, with the possibility of “transferring this benefit to the final user”, is still read in the press release. The agreement must arrive within 60 days within which the decree must be converted into ordinary law – here all the details on the content of the provision.

Other solutions are also being examined by the federation: “Federmetano has worked to raise awareness among the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Ecological Transition to intervene in order to stem these heavy increases: among the possible measures brought to the attention of the Institutions also that relating to reduction of system costs“. In short, the figures tell us of a crisis in the expensive bills that has also infected methane. How long will all this last? Here are some answers.


Methane price skyrocketing costs

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