Inps, right of compensation on disability and accompanying allowance

Pay attention to the disability allowance and the accompanying allowance, as, in some cases, you risk having to deal with unexpected consequences.

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It is useless to deny it, sooner or later it can happen to everyone to get lost in bureaucratic meanders. It is therefore not surprising that very often we end up not being aware of the fact that we are entitled to certain types of concessions, as well as, on the other hand, to run the risk say lose him.

A clear example is thedisability allowance and attendance allowance which in some cases lead to having to deal with unexpected consequences. In particular, in the presence of certain situations, INPS can exercise the right of recourse. But for what reason? So let’s go into the details and see what there is to know about it.

Disability and accompanying allowance, beware of INPS’s right of recourse: what you need to know

Based on the provisions of current legislation, people with total disability or who are not self-sufficient have the right to obtain aaccompanying allowance. In practice, this is an economic support provided by theINPS aimed at covering the costs of an accompanying person. The check of disability, in turn, is presented as an economic service that is provided by the INPS in favor of those subjects who are recognized as having an inability to work. Situations that could, unfortunately, occur following a car accident.

Precisely in this context, a question arises spontaneously, that is, if asking for the civil disability allowance following a road accident, one risks lose the compensation for the damage due. Well, the answer is affirmative, as INPS can exercise the right of recourse towards the person who caused the damage as a result of which the civil invalidity pension was granted. The most frequent case, in fact, is that of a road accident following which a person suffers physical damage due to the fault of third parties.

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In the event that the injured party requests the invalidity pension or the accompanying allowance from INPS, therefore, the body can exercise the right of recourse on the person who caused the damage or on the injured party in the event that the compensation is already paid. The revenge, we recall, can also be exercised on insurance company. Remember, the younger the injured party is entitled to INPS economic indemnities, the higher the amount of the right of recourse will be.

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