The vaffa of the primary to a nurse costs Asur 20 thousand euros

MACERATA – The woman had complained of being targeted by the doctor and had turned to the labor court, on appeal she was proved right

1 October 2021 – 7:44 pm

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Asur sentenced to pay twenty thousand euros, including compensation for damages and legal costs, for the “vaffa” and other “appreciations” sent, between a visit to the ward and an operating session, from a head physician of the Macerata hospital to a nurse. The issue arrives, after a long period of hospital brawl, on the table of the labor judge of the Court of Macerata in 2008, the nurse complained of having repeatedly turned to the company management to stop the harassment by the head physician without ever obtaining a answer or in any case the solution of the case. The first instance ruling arrives in 2015, the claim for compensation advanced by the nurse is rejected, with compensation of the legal costs between the parties. The health worker presents an appeal on appeal and we arrive at 2018: the judge of the Court of Ancona reforms the sentence of first instance and partially accepts the nurse’s appeal: he recognizes ten thousand euros for damages and approximately five thousand euros for legal fees, finally – and we are nowadays – the settlement of the professional remuneration of the Asur lawyer arrives and there are another five thousand euros. Total twenty thousand. For now, it is the taxpayer who pays since Asur is a public company. It is not known whether the Asur has already taken the revenge action against the primary in question to recover the sum paid so far for the verbal excesses of the primary in question.

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vaffa primary nurse costs Asur thousand euros

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