here’s how to get bonuses to adjust to the new signal

Il bonus tv-decoder – This is a discount worth 30 euro of which families with a ISEE less than 20 thousand euro will be able to use for the purchase of TVs and decoders suitable for the reception of the new broadcasting standards. To access the benefit, it is also necessary to be resident in Italy and that no other member of the family has already taken advantage of the discount: in fact, each family unit is entitled to only one bonus, to be used for the purchase of a single TV. To obtain it, simply go to the retailer and take the application form with you – downloadable from the website of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The TV scrapping bonus – This is the second incentive wanted by the Mise to allow all Italians to adapt to the new broadcasting standards. It has been introduced since last 23 august and, unlike the tv-decoder bonus, it can be requested by all citizens, without ISEE constraints. The bonus consists of a discount of 20% on the purchase price, up to a maximum amount of 100 euros, and can be combined with the discount of 30 euros provided by the previous bonus.

To get it, however, it remains necessary to respect some conditions, i.e. being resident in Italy, properly scrapping a television purchased before 22 December 2018 and being up-to-date with the payment of the Rai fee. In fact, the incentive, in addition to offering economic support to families, was designed to encourage the correct disposal of old appliances.

Who to contact – Before proceeding with the scrapping, you must download and fill in the self-declaration form – available on the Mise website – which certifies correct disposal. You can scrap your TV directly from the dealer – among those participating in the initiative (here the official list) -, at the time of purchase of the new device. It will then be the retailer to dispose of the device, in exchange for a tax credit equal to the discount applied to the buyer. Alternatively, you can deliver the old TV in an authorized ecological island. In this case, the employee of the WEEE collection center will validate the form, which the user must then submit to obtain the discount when purchasing the new TV. At this link you can check that a TV or a decoder are among the products for which you can take advantage of the bonus.

How to understand if you need to buy a new TV – Not everyone will have to replace their TV: to understand whether or not this is compatible with the new signal, just check if the contents broadcast on channels starting from 501 are visible, for example by tuning Channel 5 HD (number 505). In general, the appliances purchased after January 1, 2017 they should be suitable. In any case, to be sure it will be enough to do this test.


heres bonuses adjust signal

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