Reveal the true figures of the bills: by how much they will increase

Reveal the true figures of the bills: by how much they will increase
Reveal the true figures of the bills: by how much they will increase

Bills of electricity up 45% and over 30% of gas: these are the prices just updated by the Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy and the Environment, on the increases referring to the last quarter. These figures, however, will be made “softer” thanks to the extraordinary intervention of the government.

Who will get a discount on bills

The prices of raw materials at historic highs and the high prices given to permits on CO2 emissions have led to the increases we have been talking about for some weeks now. The Government decree has canceled, momentarily, the general system charges and the social bonus for the families most in difficulty increased. According to the measures applied, the actual increases will translate into + 29% for light and + 14.4% for gas. The families who will benefit from the discounts will be around 2.5 million. Spoken to the agency Acted, the president of the Arera, Stefano Besseghini, said that we are here “in the presence of a further increase in the cost of raw materials, larger and more unpredictable than the previous one. The government intervention, to which we have provided the necessary technical support, softens the effects in a delicate phase of the recovery to protect the most fragile consumers”. Alongside the attention to families with greater difficulties, it is evident “the large percentage of families and businesses that, despite being ‘average’, struggle to endure everyday life“, he added. “All the more reason, continuous work is needed to exploit all the opportunities for a structural reduction in energy costs“.

More than 3 billion to amortize the increases

To contain the increases, the government has allocated over 3 billion euros with the Decree-Law of 27 September 2021, n. 130, were intended for the containment of the bills of households and micro-enterprises distributed as follows: 2.5 billion euros to eliminate general system costs for the next quarter and around 500 million for the enhancement of bonuses to which is added a 5% reduction in VAT for gas bills. The latter, in fact, will be less heavy thanks to the reduction of system burdens: all this has been possible thanks to the deployment of these extraordinary resources.

The interventions decided by the Government to deal with an unprecedented price situation, however, suggest the need for urgent interventions (already under study) and to which the Authority is ready to give its technical contribution to provide the suitable tools to deal with the changes in glocabal energy markets which, in part, may not be transient but remain longer term. In January, the Authority, if there are no further extraordinary interventions, will be forced to start a process of realigning the revenues from the Asos and Arim components and the gas charges, within the flexibility allowed by the prudent management of the accounts.

How much will we spend in 2021

By the end of this year, annual spending onelectricity will be 631 euros for each family, means a + 30% compared to 2020 and therefore an increase of about 145 euros over a year. For what concern gas, on the other hand, the average per family will be around 1,130 euros, with a variation of about + 15% compared to the previous year, in practice an increase of around 155 euros on an annual basis. “In comparison with 2020 – observes the Arera – “We must take into account the particularly low prices encountered during the pandemic period. For electricity, in fact, the annual expenditure in 2021 is about 13% higher than that of pre-Covid in 2019, while for gas it was substantially returned to the levels of 2019“.

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