Trial year, the ministerial circular is coming. Anief: “The teacher’s card is also valid for fixed-term hires from the first GPS bracket”

The ministerial circular on the training and probation period of newly hired teachers and those who have obtained the change of role was presented to the trade unions today.

The general secretaries Chiara Cozzetto and Marco Giordano intervened for ANIEF.

No significant changes compared to the now consolidated training model introduced in 2015 with the Ministerial Decree 850, of which the salient features are confirmed. The duration of the course will be 50 hours in total: 6 for the preparatory and final restitution meetings, 12 for the training workshops, 12 for the peer to peer (observation activities with the tutor), 20 of online training on the INDIRE platform.

The educational, guidance and guarantee role of the headmaster has been confirmed, who is also called to visit the classes where the new hires serve.

The note also reiterates that those who have already performed it in the same degree of entry into the role must not re-enter the probationary period, those previously hired with reservations who have already passed it, those who re-enter the previous role for who had already passed the probationary year, those who have obtained transfer from common post to support (or vice versa) in the same grade.

“Our delegation asked to include further and specific clarifications in order to highlight that even those placed in the role by GPS, according to article 59, paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 73/2021, if they passed the previous trial year role of the same grade, they will not have to undergo the procedure again, but will only have to undergo the disciplinary interview which, moreover, our union has already clarified several times as it is useless for those who are already qualified – comments Marco Giordano, general secretary of Anief who spoke at the meeting – A disciplinary interview would have made sense if our proposal to enter the role of the II Band of the GPS had been accepted, but for teachers already qualified in our opinion it really does not make sense. But the legislation has gone in the other direction, as we know ”.

These teachers, in fact, unlike their newly hired colleagues for an indefinite period, are required not only to pass the probationary year, but also to carry out a disciplinary test of suitability before an external commission.

The final test can be held only in case of passing the test year, while it will be postponed in case of failure to perform the 180 days of service. (of which at least 120 for didactic activities) foreseen or negative evaluation of the test year, which – we remind you – can be repeated only once. On the other hand, a second attempt is not envisaged for those who do not pass the final suitability test (which, we reiterate, exclusively concerns hires from the first GPS bracket): in this case, in fact, the rule provides for the forfeiture of the entry procedure in role of the aspirant who will remain, however, included in the GPS and the stipulated contract will in any case end on 31 August.

Furthermore, there are numerous issues that the Ministry invites to discuss during the training workshops, which can be carried out in person or online and which may concern: initiatives and measures related to the management of educational institutions in the pandemic emergency phase;

digital teaching methodologies and technologies and their integration into the curriculum; digital skills of students and teachers; social inclusion and intercultural dynamics;

classroom management and relational dynamics, with particular reference to the prevention of violence, bullying and discrimination; interpersonal skills and transversal skills (soft-skills and character skills); special educational needs; motivate students to learn;

innovation of the teaching of the disciplines; civic education teaching and its integration into the curriculum; final evaluation of learning; Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation; sustainable education and ecological transition, with particular reference to the “School Regeneration” Plan presented during 2020-2021.

After the suspension last year due to Covid, the visits to innovative schools on the teaching and organization side are back.

The experience will still maintain an experimental character and can only concern, upon request, a small group of teachers (a maximum of 3,000 throughout Italy). The novelty, this year, will instead be represented by the audience of aspirants who will have to carry out the training and trial year. Among these, in fact, there will also be fixed-term hires from the first GPS bracket pursuant to Legislative Decree 73/2021.

“For them – remembers general secretary Anief Chiara Cozzetto – we asked that the teaching card which for years as a union we have been supporting should be immediately recognized should be guaranteed to all staff, teachers and ATA, whether temporary or permanent. It really seems unlikely that teachers who this year will have to undergo the training and test period, like all the other newly-hired workers, are denied the right to the training bonus ”.

There remains a bitter taste in the mouth – concludes President Pacifico – on the failure to predict the entries in the role from Band I common place without the requirement of 3 years and from Band II GPS as we had requested in time, given that many vacancies have not yet been covered by the hiring in the role and many precarious teachers – even those not yet in possession of the qualification – for years they have been carrying out temporary service in our schools.

However, Anief will continue to plead their cause and, just as we are also fighting for the extension of the teaching card to all temporary workers, we will continue to claim the right of all school workers to be admitted to the role in all appropriate places “.

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