Draghi announces new Refreshments for VAT, up to € 25,000

Draghi announces new Refreshments for VAT, up to € 25,000
Draghi announces new Refreshments for VAT, up to € 25,000

A new Decree of MEF he was born in BET unlocks 140 million in funding, provided for by the DL Sostegni bis, and intended to provide new Refreshments at the VAT number.

It is a specific fund created to give support to the activities most affected by crisis, the difference with respect to the previous Refreshments is that for the assignment the Nace code of belonging.

In fact, the objective is to identify which sectors have been hardest hit by the economic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic and to support them with non-repayable contributions additional.

If these new Refreshments are awarded on the basis of the Nace code it is also true that they are not very selective with respect to this, that is, they are non-repayable contributions open to many activities, but the main requirement must be that the VAT number has gone through a period of closing for at least 100 days.

But these are not the only ones new Refreshments planned, because the DL Sostegni bis has also introduced two other non-repayable contributions for VAT and again for the Ateco code.

These other two contributions do not require that the business has been closed and are based on the classic drop in turnover of the VAT number, however they are intended for specific sectors, one at wedding sector and one at touristic guides.

So let’s see how to request all the aid available for holders of VAT number.

An overview of the new grants is also offered by the YouTube video of TAXES-YOUCORSI:

Which VAT numbers can request the new non-repayable contributions of 25,000 euros?

The decree that unlocks is now ready 140 million euros to be destined for new ones non-repayable contributions by VAT number.

Only the associated VAT numbers such as main activity to some Ateco codes specific:

  • 47.78.31 (retail trade in art objects (including art galleries);
  • 49.39.01 (management of funiculars, ski-lifts and chairlifts if not part of the urban or suburban transit systems);
  • 56.21.00 (catering for events, banqueting);
  • 59.14.00 (film projection activities);
  • 79.90.11 (ticketing services for theatrical, sporting and other recreational and entertainment events);
  • 82.30.00 (organization of conferences and fairs);
  • 85.51.00 (sports and recreational courses);
  • 85.52.01 (dance courses);
  • 90.01.01 (activities in the field of acting);
  • 90.01.09 (other artistic representations);
  • 90.02.09 (other support activities for artistic representations);
  • 90.04.00 (management of theaters, concert halls and other artistic structures);
  • 91.02.00 (museum activities);
  • 91.03.00 (management of historical places and monuments and similar attractions);
  • 92.00.02 (management of devices that allow cash winnings operating with coins or tokens);
  • 92.00.09 (other activities connected with lotteries and betting);
  • 93.11.10 (stadium management);
  • 93.11.20 (swimming pool management);
  • 93.11.30 (management of multipurpose sports facilities);
  • 93.11.90 (management of other sports facilities nec);
  • 93.13 (management of gyms);
  • 93.21 (amusement parks and theme parks);
  • 93.29.10 (discos, dance halls, night clubs and the like);
  • 93.29.30 (game rooms and billiards);
  • 93.29.90 (other entertainment and amusement activities nec);
  • 96.04 (services of the centers for physical well-being);
  • 96.09.05 (organization of parties and ceremonies).

All you need to know to have the new Refreshments at the VAT number

To have access to these new non-repayable contributions, the VAT numbers must have been associated, as a main activity, to these Ateco codes prior to May 26 of this year. With the exception of the VAT numbers associated with the ateco code 93.29.10 (discos, dance halls, night clubs and the like), therefore the associated VAT number must have been opened before 23 July 2021.

In addition, all holders of VAT that I want to access these new restaurants offered by Draghi must comply with a fundamental requirement, that is to have passed through a business closure period of at least 100 days between 1 January and 25 July 2021.

For these new Refreshments 140 million of those have been allocated, of which 20 million are intended exclusively for non-repayable contributions for owners of discos, dance halls, night clubs and the like, i.e. always the Nace code 93.29.10. For these VAT numbers, the funds will be equally divided among the entitled parties up to a maximum amount assigned to each one who reaches 25.000 euro.

While for the other Ateco codes the assignment of non-repayable contributions will take place according to the classic criterion of turnover accumulated in 2019, namely:

  • maximum 400,000 euros, you will be entitled to 3.000 euro;
  • between 400,000 and 1 million euros, there will be 7.500 euro;
  • over 1 million euros, you will have 12.000 euro.

Another non-repayable contribution for VAT, but not for everyone

These are the non-repayable contributions for which the Decree has just been signed, and which have been introduced by DL Support bis, article 2.

The same Sostegni bis Decree, however, also consists of article 1-ter, with which still other non-repayable contributions are introduced for VAT and also in this case they are assignments based on the associated Ateco code as the main activity.

A tranche of Refreshments is scheduled for wedding sector, HORECA, entertainment and no closing periods are required, but only a turnover limit in 2019, i.e. that has not exceeded 50.000 euro. The amounts to be assigned are also calculated on the turnover losses incurred between 2019 and 2020, of which they reimburse 30%, with a minimum amount of 5.000 euro with VAT number.

A boost to the tourism sector with new Refreshments to guides with VAT

But the new package of VAT refreshments does not end here and there is still another non-repayable grant, this time for the VAT numbers that carry out the activity of tour guide or tour leader.

Also in this case the admission to the benefit is bound to the belonging to one of the following Ateco codes: 79.90.20; ATECOFIN 1993 6330A; ATECOFIN 1993 6330B; ATECOFIN 2004 63302.

Refreshments of this type had already been assigned with the Relaunch Decree last year and this new wave, introduced by the DL Sostegni bis, will be able to request only the VAT numbers that have not requested and obtained that of 2020. In any case, the maximum amount of 5,000 euros per beneficiary.

To benefit from these non-repayable contributions, in addition to having a VAT number associated with the Ateco codes listed above, it is also necessary that the applicant does not have arrears in the payment of social security contributions and is in possession of the qualification.

When and how to request refreshments for VAT

And we come to the question that everyone is asking and that is when these will be available new non-repayable contributions for VAT?

The Italian legislation, as always, is long and complex, this means that for a provision to really enter into force it is not enough that it be introduced by a Law Decree, but it also needs a implementing decree the same.

Proceeding in order, the new Decree will ensure that i non-repayable contributions for VAT which closed and entered into force shortly, after the publication in the Gazzetta Ufficiale and the definition of the required regulations by the management body.

The others due contributi, for the wedding sector and the touristic guides, will become available as soon as they have their own decree, which in any case is expected shortly.

A monthly non-repayable contribution for VAT

Before concluding our review of the new non-repayable contributions available for VAT, it is worth spending a few words on bonus ISCRO, because its expiration is scheduled for the end of next month.

The ISCRO bonus, which can be requested from INPS by October 31st, in fact assigns a non-repayable contribution to VAT numbers which varies from 1,500 to 4,800 euros per year, but divided into six monthly payments, the amount of which ranges from 200 to 800 euros.

The ISCRO bonus as you can see is generous but also hyperselective, since it requires the simultaneous possession of an infinity of requirements:

  • the VAT number, when the bonus is requested, it must have an activation time of at least four years;
  • only the registered with INPS they are entitled to it and only if they have no arrears with the payments of social security contributions;
  • when you submit your application the current ISEE of the applicant cannot exceed 8,145 euros;
  • the last one sales it must be at least half less, if compared with the average of the previous three years;
  • whoever submits the request cannot be owner of benefits related to income or pension, NASpI and Citizenship Income are also included.

Let’s move on to assigned figures and let’s see, beyond the minimum and maximum amounts, how the figure is established for each applicant.

The purpose of the ISCRO bonus is to return a part of the lost turnover, specifically by paying 25% of the average earnings of the last six months per month.

Speaking more simply, keeping in mind what was declared the previous year, the amount is divided by two in order to obtain the half-yearly earnings of the VAT number on average. It will be to this figure that 25% will have to be applied to establish how much ISCRO bonus will be had per month.

In other words, if, for example, from the previous annual tax return the VAT number results 4,000 euros in turnover, then dividing by two you will have 2,000 euros in turnover over an average of six months. 25% of these 2,000 euros gives the monthly ISCRO bonus amount, in this case equal to 500 euros per month.

The ISCRO bonus will be in effect for three years but VAT numbers over the three-year period can only request it once. Like all INPS bonuses, the bonus ISCRO must be requested online on the Web portal Institute by calling the INPS Contact Center by telephone.

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