assault on distributors, man threatens other motorists with a knife

assault on distributors, man threatens other motorists with a knife
assault on distributors, man threatens other motorists with a knife

AND chaos in England for the gas: the amount of fuel are too much scarce and the transport crisis increases, together with the shortage of truck drivers carrying fuel. After the colossus English fuel, BP, declined the disbursement of petrol and diesel, some service stations have been closed and, others, stormed.

On Monday 27 September, in fact, one occurred situation unusual: code infinite to the distributors, thousands of people stopped in their cars and tension skyrocketed. So much so that some images spread on the web show a motorist with a knife that threat another auto mechanic out of one railway station service in Welling, in the southeast of London (UK). The man was filmed while he screamed against the driver through the window then run to the driver’s side and take a kicks the car, causing some damage to the rearview mirror. Finally, it is lying down on the hood threatening with the weapon the driver.

The fact is reported in The Sun where it is made explicit that the police confirmed that she was call on the spot this afternoon after the two motorists they started to argue. Investigations are still ongoing.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told The Sun Online: “The police were called at 2:37 pm on Monday, September 27 for reports of a disturbance involving two motorists outside a gas station on Bellegrove Road, Welling. Agents are intervened and they found no trace of either vehicle. They were not reported wounded and they weren’t identified suspicious. We are aware of online movies which appear to show the incident and we will look into them as part of our ongoing investigation. ‘

A similar episode took place yesterday afternoon in Essex, England: one broke out brawl in Epping, while the motorists they quarreled between code of the drivers that they stole gas.

Five men, three of which wore the split catarifling, they took a punches while the other people in line played the horn, looking forward to to fill the tanks. In the clip, motorists are seen lying on top of each other in front of drivers and passers-by shocked.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, it can keep legally up to 30 liters of gasoline in home without informing them authority competent. This means that Brits who accumulate a lot more petrol and hide it at home in closed cans could break the law. The rules say that only 20 liters of gasoline can be preserved in a metal canister at home, in a shed or garage. And no more than 10 liters can be kept in containers plastic alternatives.

If the British hold more than this amount, they must notify their local Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA) in writing, providing the name and address of the place of archiving. But this is not always respected, as it happened to a woman, seen while emptying her water bottles and then fill them with gas while, behind him, there was a queue of 30 minutes of desperate drivers.

«I could not believe what I was seeing – commented a motorist -. I thought ‘I can’t believe this woman’s stupidity’. ” And others: «This is a typical attitude that causes the trouble. People fill things they shouldn’t and no one else can get the fuel because of the stupidity of other people. The queue was stopped along the ramp of access. We queued for about 20-30 minutes ».

Last updated: Tuesday 28 September 2021, 10:36


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