Barilla and Algida: strategic agreement in the sector of quality Italian ice cream

Barilla and Algida: strategic agreement in the sector of quality Italian ice cream
Barilla and Algida: strategic agreement in the sector of quality Italian ice cream

Barilla and Algida form an alliance for the enhancement of some iconic Italian brands with the ambition of strengthening their presence in the ice cream market. The collaboration is based on values ​​common to both companies – primarily the commitment to sustainability – and is based on innovation and Made in Italy production.

The ice creams will in fact be produced in our country and the high quality of the raw materials that has always characterized both companies will be guaranteed.
The Research and Development activities of Barilla and Algida will make it possible to launch innovative references every year with the ambition of reproducing the organoleptic experience of the brand they are inspired by.

For Barilla, the agreement aims to ensure consistent summer seasonality for its successful brands in the biscuit and snack sector where it is the market leader.

The partnership will allow Algida to continue to surprise consumers and lead innovation in the world of ice cream, thanks to the expansion of its portfolio with new references inspired by some of the most loved snacks by Italians. The agreement also provides for the distribution in the out-of-home channel of sweet and savory single-portion snacks already produced by Barilla, which will thus be even more widespread throughout Italy.

“We are convinced that the ice cream market offers interesting prospects and we know that we have brands and products that are certainly of interest to the Italian consumer. We look at this sector with interest and have decided to work with a partner like Algida to accompany us on this development path. The intention is to keep our commitments firm in terms of quality, Italian style and raw materials of the highest level, relying on Algida’s great know-how and enormous logistical-distribution asset. The ambition is also to oversee the out-of-home sector more and more, thanks to the Unilever Group which has a very long experience and an unparalleled capillarity, which allows us to start this project from Italy but to be able to have, at the time the same, the ambition to soon broaden the perspective to other European countries as well ”, declares Francesco Del Porto, President of Region Italy Barilla.

“Unilever is a constantly evolving company, always careful to seize new challenges and growth opportunities. Starting this partnership with Barilla means continuing to innovate in a key business such as ice cream, which we have been leading with Algida for decades in Italy and around the world. It is a strategic alliance for Made in Italy that will also allow to bring iconic brands ever closer to the consumer, reaching him with equal strength in the channel at home and away from home. We are only at the beginning and I am convinced that this collaboration will give great satisfaction and will amaze consumers ”, says Fulvio Guarneri, President of Unilever Italia.



Barilla Algida strategic agreement sector quality Italian ice cream

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