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Luca Maestri, Italian, 57, Apple’s chief financial officer. The Minister of the Apple Treasury did the honors of the house in Naples, to celebrate the back to class after the pandemic of the approximately 400 Apple Academy students, the school for iOS app developers created with the Federico II University and with the support of the Campania Region. We have been here since 2016 and we are happy to be back in attendance. From the beginning we wanted to create an international environment, this year we have more than 20 nationalities, with different mentalities, values ​​and traditions. The fundamental diversity said the manager, born in Rome but with a long career in the USA.


Italy has already made a lot of progress to get out of the crisis – says Maestri -. Our role being a stone in the pond, creating waves that spread out. We are proud to have paved the way for Naples and that today there is a tech hub with about ten important realities already, from Cisco to Accenture, from Deloitte to Railways, up to Tim and all the others. They arrived here in San Giovanni a Teduccio in a context where perhaps they would not have thought of coming. Now I’d like to take this model elsewhere, to Detroit for example (where the first Academy in the United States will open, ed). The students of the school are much sought after by companies, not only Italian: they receive on average 2-3 offers. Masters again: These students are an asset to the country. We have the program Pier for those who have already completed the course, with girls and boys who are requested of us by administrations and public bodies. As in the case of Eleonora.
Eleonora Elefante one of these former students, who in Naples told her experience: I started from one of the Apple Foundation courses (they last 1 month and are activated in some Campania universities, ed). At the Academy I discovered a new teaching based on daily challenges to face. I didn’t have advanced programming skills, I learned coding, design and other technical subjects but above all a methodology, I learned to learn. And this can be applied in any field. So I was chosen as project manager for a social project, Spazio Vita at the Niguarda hospital in Milan ”.

The Apple Academy of Naples until 2025

On the occasion of the return there was the official announcement that the Apple Developer Academy in Naples will continue for another 4 years, until 2025: With this we come to a decade of commitment. But let’s talk about ‘at least’ another 4 years, said the Cfo of Apple, making it clear that there are the conditions to continue even further. When we began talks with the Italian government a few years ago – Maestri still remembers – we felt that we were proposing some solutions. But we replied that we wanted something more challenging. We wanted Naples and not, for example, a reality already structured like Milan. Today we can say that this experience is a success. Also in the challenge to overcome the gender gap in the sector: this year women are 40% of the members, who pass a strict selection at international level. Next year Apple will open a new Academy in Saudi Arabia, reserved entirely for female students.

Jobs created with apps

Since 2016, nearly 2,000 students have passed through the program, which provides tools and training to find and create jobs in the growing iOS app economy – Apple data has over 1.7 million iOS app-related jobs in Europe. The Naples campus expands: We have obtained new adjacent former industrial buildings – explains Giorgio Ventre, scientific director of the Academy and professor at Federico II -. Here some three-year engineering courses have already arrived and the master’s degree in Social Innovation will arrive. A technological hub that does not want to compete with the university system but which works in a complementary way: This reality – says the rector of Federico II, Matteo Lorito – is also a challenge launched to the entire university system. The university needs a rigid structure, which is valid throughout the national territory, but which stops when you want to teach how to create an app. In which discipline do you incaselli? Apple broke the ice. What advice do I give you? – said Luca Maestri responding to future developers on the first day in the Apple world -. Learn to fail. Whoever never fails means that he has never really tried


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