Borsa Italiana, the commentary on today’s session (28 September 2021)

Borsa Italiana, the commentary on today’s session (28 September 2021)
Borsa Italiana, the commentary on today’s session (28 September 2021)

Focus on securities in the banking sector: the rise in BPER Bance should be noted. The spotlight is always on oil and Generali. Stocks in the technology sector are in trouble

The major indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets are confirmed in negative territory. Pierre Veyret – technical analyst at ActivTrades – pointed to the weakness of stocks in the technology sector “as they are the most vulnerable in this context of growing uncertainty”.

At 11.30 the FTSEMib it was down 0.81% to 25,921 points, just above the day’s low of 25,918 points. At the same time the FTSE Italia All Share it lost 0.93%. Worse performance for the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-1.96%) and for the FTSE Italia Star (-2,98%).

The bitcoin it amounted to 42,000 dollars (about 36,000 euros).

It spread Btp Bund remains over 100 points.

L’euro confirmed below $ 1.17.

Focus on securities from the banking sector, after the strong rises made the previous day.

Positive intonation for BPER Bank (+1,5% a 1,933 euro). From the communications issued by Consob on 27 September 2021, it is learned that on 20 September Norges Bank reduced the stake held in the bank’s capital to 2.837%. Previously, the Norwegian financial giant was credited with 3.09% of BPER Banca.

Fractional variations for Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 0.08% to € 2.474) e UniCredit (-0,49% a 11,488 euro).

The spotlight is always on on the stocks of the oil sector, after the price of crude oil in New York (contract expiring in October 2021) touched 76 dollars a barrel.

ENI earns 1.7% to 11.376 euros.

General records a minimum increase of 0.03% to 18.63 euros. The board of directors of the insurance company approved by majority the procedure for the presentation of the list for the next renewal of the Board of Directors by the same outgoing board of directors. The procedure subject to any adjustments that may be requested by the supervisory authorities.

At the FTSEMib, the drop in STM. The stock of the Italian-French group recorded a decline of 4.32% to 37.84 euros.

At MidCap we report the rally of Danieli&C. (+7,94% a 25,15euro), after the disclosure of the financial results for the 2020/2021 financial year. The data was appreciated by the investment banks that follow the company: analysts have increased the target price on the stock.

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