Green pass to the restaurant, 20 billion more in receipts in the summer months –

Green pass to the restaurant, 20 billion more in receipts in the summer months –
Green pass to the restaurant, 20 billion more in receipts in the summer months –

The summer saw a significant increase in hospitality and catering income for a value of over 20 billion euros, also favored by the arrival of the green pass. what emerges from the Coldiretti end-of-season report released for the Tourism Day which is celebrated on 27 September. Coldiretti defines it as a real breath of fresh air for the approximately 360,000 bars, restaurants, pizzerias and agritourisms in Italy that are positively transferred to the entire supply chain, even if the values ​​are still lower than before the pandemic.

Two out of three for lunch outside the home

There were 33.5 million Italians who decided to go on vacation for at least a few days in the summer of 2021, practically stable on 2020 (-1%), even if foreign holidaymakers missed the call, especially from outside the community boundaries, according to the Coldiretti / Ix analysis. However, the positive turnaround is evident with almost two out of three Italians (65%) traveling for vacation in the summer of 2021 who – underlines Coldiretti – have chosen to eat mainly outside the home in restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, farmhouses, pubs or fast food restaurants. A system was restarted, also with the green pass, which overall – Coldiretti notes – involves 70,000 food industries and 740,000 farms along the supply chain committed to guaranteeing supplies for a total of 3.6 million jobs. .

Shorter holidays but longer season

The search for local food and wine – highlights Coldiretti – became the first item of the Made in Italy holiday budget in 2021 with about one third of consumption expenditure in restaurants, street food or for the purchase of souvenirs. The expenditure per person was 582 euros (-2%) but the duration of the trip was also shortened by 10% compared to last year with an average of 9 days spent away from home. On the other hand, the season has been extended also because many have postponed departures due to uncertainties. If the beach – concludes Coldiretti – remained the favorite destination, it has held tourism in the mountains and that of proximity with the rediscovery of small villages and minor centers in the Italian countryside, as an alternative to the most popular tourist destinations, while the presences in the city.


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