the trade unions meet and ask for an intervention from the Region –

the trade unions meet and ask for an intervention from the Region –
the trade unions meet and ask for an intervention from the Region –

Meeting of the regional secretariats of the Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Faisa-Cisal trade unions, today with the territorial representatives of the Province of Imperia, all employees of Riviera Trasporti.

The workers of the RT represented to the regional bodies the very complicated picture that has been affecting them for some time. “The poor economic and patrimonial situation of the company – the organizations underline – resulting from the drafting of a blank agreement plan, the uncertainty about the future of the company and the assignment of the service would already be enough by themselves to determine a very heavy working climate among all employees of the company. Today, if the above were not enough, the workers have been deprived of their right to remuneration, in fact the salaries have not been paid despite the fact that the employees have regularly carried out their work in such a complicated situation “.

A communication from the company is not enough to reassure workers about the actual payment of their salaries: “We are informed of an upcoming board of directors of the company – they continue – followed by a shareholders’ meeting, which could appoint a new Board of Directors. The new or the old Board must absolutely find a way to immediately unlock the resources to be provided to workers to guarantee the payment of wages. This stalemate, certainly caused by the lack of concrete decisions on the future of the company and its workers, aggravated by a ‘clockwork’ injunction, is causing a situation of unsustainability on the part of the staff who, in the absence of a rapid disbursement of the his salary will not be able to find sustenance for 300 honest families ”.

The regional secretariats of the category have asked for a quick intervention by the owners, also through their own direct measures, useful to immediately unblock the situation: “All this could cause serious difficulties for the whole territory as well as for the workers in question. Even the Region cannot remain absent from such an emergency, therefore we will shortly send it an urgent request for a meeting. The Imperia territorial secretariats have already started the cooling procedures. The wrong choices or the lack of them used by politics and repeated over time, cannot become the excuse to charge the workers again, who have already undergone the termination of second-level bargaining in 2014, decision-making and management inefficiencies that do not belong to the world of work “.


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