here are the 50 cents that are worth a lot [FOTO]

here are the 50 cents that are worth a lot [FOTO]
here are the 50 cents that are worth a lot [FOTO]

Since 2002, most of the inhabitants of the European Union have had to adapt to the new single currency, as the euro has replaced almost all the historical European currencies, including the lira. Many new varieties of coins and banknotes have replaced, first gradually (alongside the lira from 1 January to 28 February 2002) and then replacing the old currency definitively starting from 1 March of the same year.

Of the 8 coins of the “new minting” today our country uses 6, and one of these is the coin from 50 cents, which is one of the most recognizable ever as well as one of the most used. Despite this, some specimens are decidedly rarer and also reach very interesting values. Like the 10 and 20 cent coins, all 50 cent coins are also made of Nordic gold.

Those of 2007

Strange to say, in 2007 very few formats of this coin were minted, and the motivation is not very clear: in fact, it is not very present in our territory despite having been produced, data in hand, in almost 5 million copies. However this leads to the value of one of these coins becoming interesting, as a 2007 50 cent coin is in good condition Brilliant Uncirculated it is worth up to 20 euros, so 4 times its face value.

The 50 cents from the Vatican

The small state, although not part of the European Union, following economic treaties signed almost 20 years ago, has begun to produce its own euros, which have only found a discreet diffusion in relatively recent years. This is why the 50 cents developed by the Vatican City are among the most interesting due to a certain degree of rarity, even if the first ever, minted from 2002 to 2005, recognizable by their profile, stand out among the most precious in terms of value. of Pope John Paul II. A 2002 specimen in condition Brilliant Uncirculated is valid until 50 euro.

The one developed following the death of the Polish pontiff, which took place in 2005, is even rarer: for a few months the Vatican mint has in fact developed a series of coins bearing the vacant headquarters, given the absence of the pontiff. Coined in 60 thousand copies, one example of this type in condition Fdc worth up a 60 euro.

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