Dizzying PosteMobile: new offer 50GB Creami Wow at an absurd price for how low

Dizzying PosteMobile: new offer 50GB Creami Wow at an absurd price for how low
Dizzying PosteMobile: new offer 50GB Creami Wow at an absurd price for how low

Unmissable offer from PosteMobile – Androiditaly.com

Unmissable offer from Poste Mobile. Here is the 50 GB Creami Wow promotion with unlimited minutes and SMS for only € 5.90 per month.

Unmissable offer from PosteMobile – Androiditaly.com

If you are not a customer yet

Autumn begins with a bang! If you are not yet a PosteMobile customer, from 23 September there is a truly unmissable promotion. The new tariff offer is called Creami Wow and allows you to have 50 Giga with SMS and unlimited minutes for € 5.90 per month.

PosteMobile in two sentences

PosteMobile is the virtual operator owned by PostePay, of the Poste Italiane group. Use the Vodafone network in 2G, 4G and 4G + up to 300 Mbps in download and up to 50 Mbps in upload.

if i know customer

For all PosteMobile Full MVNO customers activated until June 23, 2021, the gradual migration from the previous support network (WINDTRE) to the Vodafone network.

How to activate the promotion

The Creami Wow 50 Giga offer can be activated online from the comfort of your home by accessing the operator’s official website or via a telephone consultant.

New PosteMobile customers can either activate a new number than to carry out the portability from another operator, while still bearing a price of 20 euro for the purchase of the new SIM, with 10 euros of traffic included and home delivery free.

What advantages do I have?

The customer after activating the promotion can have every month unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, Unlimited SMS to all national numbers e 50 Giga of data traffic in 4G +, at the cost of € 5.90 per month.

Also with this offer the mechanism of the so-called is foreseen credit.

The amount of data traffic included with this offer, equal as already mentioned to 50 Giga per month, it corresponds in detail to 51,200 credits, each of which is scaled after 1MB of browsing.

These services are also included with the offer

Services are included with the offer in question at no additional cost I look for you e Call back now, the residual credit check on the number 401212, the call waiting and the service hotspot (as required by law).

There is also EU Roaming included

The SMS and unlimited minutes can also be used abroad in the countries belonging to the European Union and in the United Kingdom, under the same national conditions. However, there is a maximum limit for data traffic, equal to 3.93 Giga per month.

Once this threshold is exceeded, it is possible to surf in EU Roaming at the cost of 0.36 euro cents per MB, based on the KB consumed and up to the exhaustion of the Giga package envisaged by the national offer. Monthly renewals are automatically billed on residual credit.

If this is insufficient to pay for the renewal, pay-as-you-go charges apply 18 euro cents At the minute, 12 euro cents for each SMS sent and the basic daily rate of 3.50 euros for 400 Megabytes, only in case of use.

What if I exceed the available data traffic?

With Creami WOW 50GB, in case of exceeding the included data traffic, internet surfing comes blocked. In this case, the customer can still continue browsing by activating the option Giga Extra, which at a price of 1.99 euros offers 1 Giga of data traffic also valid in EU Roaming. Once consumed the entire Giga obtained, it will be possible to buy an additional additional Giga, again at a cost of € 1.99.

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