How to watch DAZN matches on digital terrestrial


As of March 2021 DAZN has been awarded the TV rights for the Italian Serie A football championship for the three-year period 2021/24: it broadcasts 10 matches per day, 7 of which are exclusive. It broadcasts them, as is known, in streaming through its smartphone app, Smart TV, Android TV box, console, Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Apple TV and Tim Box.

To watch DAZN in streaming you need a good internet connection: the company recommends a speed of at least 8 Mbps to get a high video quality and a high frame rate, while 6 Mbps is the minimum to have HD on Smart TV. This speed must be stable for the duration of the game, otherwise there will be freezes in the transmission or drops in the quality of the video. For this DAZN has foreseen a “backup solution“for all subscribers who do not live in an area with an Internet of sufficient quality to obtain good service: this is the DAZN TV Box for the DTT.

DAZN TV Box: what it is and how it works

The DAZN TV Box it is, in essence, a TV box with an operating system Android TV. Digiquest produces it and it is one of only two possible ways to see DAZN on digital terrestrial. The signal, transmitted on the channel 409, it is indeed encrypted e and you need specific hardware to decrypt it.

For the rest, however, the DAZN TV Box is a full-fledged Android box: in addition to the DAZN app, pre-installed, we can download and use all the apps on the Google Play Store.

DAZN TV Box: who can buy it

The DAZN TV Box is not for everyone and not everyone can buy it: it is reserved for those who live in an area of ​​Italy with a low connection speed. For this, directly on the Digiquest site, the user is asked to enter your address to check if he can buy the device.

If it is, then it will have to pay 139,99 euro to purchase it, in addition to the monthly cost of the DAZN subscription.

The DAZN TV Box, therefore, it is not intended to those who have been “impacted“dai technical problems of DAZN during the first five days of the championship: for them, however, DAZN has provided a free month as compensation.

DAZN on digital terrestrial: what you see

Finally, it should be specified that DAZN has only one channel on DTT: the 409. It can therefore broadcast on digital terrestrial only one game at a time and on typical Sunday days at 3pm, when there are three matches at the same time, DAZN decides which to transmit on channel 409.

DAZN on digital terrestrial: the alternative TIMVision Box

Finally, to see DAZN on DTT there is a The second mod: with the decoder TIMVision Box which is provided by TIM as part of specific monthly subscription packages starting from € 9.99 per month, subscription to DAZN excluded.

Even in the case of the TIMVision Box, however, the same limits visas for the DAZN TV Box and it is possible to see only one match per time slot, chosen by DAZN, on channel 409.

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