the folp of the “family” of Arese

the folp of the “family” of Arese
the folp of the “family” of Arese

Just as Alfa Romeo seems about to present a new station wagon, it is time to retrace the history of the Italian house to remember three cars that never came out.

Home Alfa Romeo, now an integral member of the Fiat Group, has produced dozens of memorable cars and, in particular, he has always had a certain skill in proposing dream sedans.

L’Alfa Romeo Giulietta Promiscua (Pinterest)

Of course, today we have theAlfa Romeo Giulia but over the years cars such as the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, the 75 and to get closer to the present day the 156 and 164 they have won a place in the hearts of their owners.

Many of these cars have obviously been proposed even in a family version: after all, even an “alfista” starts a family at times. Unfortunately, some of these family members have never been mass-produced.

A striking example is theAlfa Romeo Giulietta Promiscua from 1957. Based on the chassis of the legendary Giulietta, this beautiful family car it never hit the market, at least not en masse.

They were in fact prepared just 72, the exclusive prerogative of a few, selected collectors. But she is not the only familiar “Never born” proposed by Biscione, that’s for sure.

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Alfa Romeo and family members: a difficult love story

An Alfa Romeo 1750 Giardinetta (Facebook)

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Another rarity – albeit “uniqueness” would be a more fitting term – it is theAlfa Romeo 1750 Giardinetta of the 60s.

This car with an elegant line and very pleasant was born in 1968 following an initiative by the company specializing in Pavesi body shops which set up a prototype.

Unfortunately, it is precisely at the concept car stage that this car came to a halt. Indeed, Alfa Romeo she never really seemed interested to land in the family sector with this vehicle.

Let’s close this review of “forbidden” Alfa Romeo family members with a real racing car. If you remember theAlfa Romeo 75 Quadrifoglio, you can never have wondered what this car in station wagon configuration would have been like.

Alfa Romeo 75 Sportwagon (web source)

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The closest thing to an Audi RS4 that Alfa could have produced was presented in 1986: we are talking about an aggressive, looking family member – and performance – very exciting.

Unfortunately, the idea of ​​the 75 Turbowagon it was wrecked despite the firm Fissors had already set up 6 specimens of a similar model, but renamed Sportwagon.

What can I say, we hope that at least the new Giulia can soon be joined from a familiar with an aggressive look and performance.

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