What is a kamado and how does it work

On the subject of barbecue there is one that is becoming more and more popular. Versatile, easy to use and maintain, it consumes little and is not only used for grilling, but can smoke, roast and cook all foods, together or separately. Let’s talk about the kamado. And it’s not normal barbecue. Equipped with a lid, resembling a large egg, its strength lies in its own ability to combine shape with the possibility of adjust the air flow. It is in thick ceramic, a material capable of insulating and reflecting heat, even for more than 12 hours.

The origins

Kamado, in Japanese, means heater, stove. Historically, the Japanese used a portable clay oven with a lid – the mushikamado, adding the term mushi, steam – to cook steamed rice during special ceremonies. Then, developing it further, they had improved the air intakes and began to use coal instead of wood for cooking.

Americans in Japan

After the Second World War, the American soldiers serving in Japan realized the extent of these particular ovens and decided to take them with them to America. Compared to the Japanese counterparts, the former kamado grills they had seen one appear on the market adjustable valve, which allowed the temperature to be controlled more carefully. But in the meantime, even the German engineers had realized the possibilities of this novelty. Thus working with precision on one of the first ceramic barbecues in Europe, the Monolith. Today, the current ones kamado of the company Big Green Egg they are even made with an excellent quality ceramic whose patent dates back to the heat shields of NASA’s shuttles.

How a kamado is made up

This large egg is made up of a ceramic structure which contains a firebox, that is, a ceramic tank for coal. In the lower part, however, the structure has a fan, from which the air flow enters the cooking chamber, and another fan is located on the dome lid. This allows you to better adjust the cooking temperature. If the ancient kamados were made of alone terracotta, the modern ones, even externally, can be coated with ceramic enamel, paint, decorative plaster or mosaics.

The maximum temperature

The temperature in a kamado can reach up to about 400 ° C. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting it with care, in reality, the interval between the minimum and the maximum covers a wide range, starting from only 70 ° C.

What to cook with kamado

The most concise answer is practically everything. From the meat at the pizza, from the steak al pulled pork, you can smoke fish, such as salmon, proceed by indirect cooking, even at high temperatures. Even i sweets.

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