2000 euros to change cars: what changes on Tuesday

2000 euros to change cars: what changes on Tuesday
2000 euros to change cars: what changes on Tuesday

Eco-incentives also for used cars, this is the communication issued by the Ministry of Economic Development chaired by the Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgetti. According to what was declared in the official note, from 10 am on Tuesday 28 September, dealers will be able to access the ecobonus.mise.gov.it platform and book the necessary incentives for the purchase of low-emission used cars classified as category M-1 .

For the new incentive, 40 million euros are made available for the purchase of a used vehicle of the euro class of not less than 6, with a price resulting from the average market prices not exceeding 25,000 euros and with emissions between 0-160. g / km CO2“, reads the press release of Bet.

It was the Sostegni bis decree, which became law number 106 and entered into force last July 25, to provide incentives for the purchase of less polluting vehicles.

The contribution given by the government, explains the Ministry of Economic Development, will be recognized only with scrapping, and will be differentiated according to the range of emissions of the used car purchased. In particular, from 0-60 g / km we talk about 2 thousand euros, from 61-90 g / km a thousand euros and from 91-160 g / km, 750 euros.

Obviously, the vehicle scrapped it must be of the same category as the car you intend to purchase. Not only. It must be registered for at least 10 years and in the name of the purchaser for at least 12 months, or to a cohabiting family member.

It is an attempt by the government to go slowly to eliminate the most polluting vehicles from the street. The online portal automobile.it gives practical examples of how to apply the bonus. For example, if we intend to buy a Tesla Model 3 car dated 2019, giving back a scrapped vehicle, you will get a discount of 2 thousand euros. The price of the Tesla, therefore, will drop from 38,900 to 36,900 euros. For a Hyundai Kona hybrid dated 2020, however, you can get a discount of one thousand euros, which will bring the final price down from 19,800 euros to 18,800 euros.

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