Rare coins: the 100 lire worth 3,000 euros! Here are which ones!

Rare coins: the 100 lire worth 3,000 euros! Here are which ones!
Rare coins: the 100 lire worth 3,000 euros! Here are which ones!

Who does not remember the 100 lire coins? The coin from 100 lire of the old lire characterized an era.

Even today to those of us who do not happen to some forgotten drawer or purse – not necessarily owned by the grandmother – to find 100 lire coins.

Here’s maybe take a look at state of conservation and year might be a good idea. There are coins of the old lire that have a very great value.

Read the article to discover the most important and highest value 100 lire coins. Some today are worth a lot nest egg!

Rare coins: the 100 lire have been minted since 1954

The coin from 100 lire that most people remember is in Acmonital and it was minted from 1955 to 1989. With a test in 1954. With the usual help of the site www.moneterare.net let’s take a trip among the 100 lire coins and for each coin see what its value can be today .

The The most well-known coin is certainly the one that has gone down in history as 100 lire Minerva. But there are many others that have been minted.

Because there are some that can be cataloged as rare coins. Let’s take a journey through the coins that have the best valuation today.

Rare Coins: the journey begins with the 100 lire Minerva minted from 1954 to 1989

The first of these coins to consider is the 100 Lire Minerva. This coin was minted for a very long period. It goes from 1954 until 1989.

This coin on the obverse has a head crowned with laurel looking to the left and on the entire edge of the coin there is the inscription Repubblica Italiana.

While on the reverse of the coin there is a portrayed Goddess Minerva holding a spear with her left hand while with the other hand she is facing a laurel tree. This 100 lire coin reaches a very important value in some of its specimens.

For example, the 100 Lire Minerva today most sought after by numismatics enthusiasts are the 100 Lire Minerva trial version of 1954.

The test coin minted in 1954 is a coin that can be defined as rare: if it is in excellent condition, in the one that is defined condition in Brilliant Uncirculated, this coin can be worth up to 3,000 euros in front of the interested enthusiast.

Rare coins: the current value of 100 lire coins from 1955 onwards

Even the coins from 100 Lire minted in subsequent years if in the state of Fior di Conio have great value. They do not reach 3,000 euros but for example those of 1955 of 100 lire in the Fior di Conio state have a value of 900 euros.

Those of 1956, for example, are worth 250 euros, those of 1957 are worth 300 euros while those of 1958 have a higher value of about 550 euros.. Those of 1959 have a value of 600 euros while those of 1960 and 1961 are quoted around 550 euros.

The value of the 100 lire coin gradually decreases over the years. Even if, for example, that of 1962 always has a more than respectable value of 230 euros.

95 euros is the value that a 100 lire coin from 1963 can be worth, 60 euros that of 1964, 70 euros that of 1965, 45 euros that of 1966 and 40 euros that of 1967.

The collapse occurs from 1968 onwards: these coins with huge runs are not worth more than 3 euros today.

Rare Coins: Since 1990 there are the Minerva coins in a reduced version

In 1990 new 100 lire coins were minted. These coins were defined as 100 Lire Minerva Small or 100 lire minerva with reduced module.

These are coins that have the same images as the previous ones but were printed on a much smaller size than those previously in use.

Precisely because of these very small dimensions, the coins were not very successful. They were minted for only 2 years, from 1990 to 1992.

Together with these, 50 Lire were also minted which were even smaller and also for this reason this coin did not have great luck. We will talk extensively about the 50 Lire and the value of all the 50 Lire in this article.

Returning to the 100 lire it must be said that the coins minted in recent years also have a particularity on the date to be reported. In the reference year writing, for both 1990 and 1991, there are some coins that have the stems of the figure 99 more closed. This minting defect increases the value of these types of coins.

To be precise today the value of 100 small lire from 1990-1991 and 1992 for those who own them is 2 euros.

Whoever should have the small 100 Lire with the figures 9 of 1990 closed has a coin that can be worth 25 euros in front of the right intelocutore. There reduced coin of 1991 with the same characteristics on the nine can be worth about 15 euros.

Rare Coins: the 100 Lire Italia Turrita coin from 1993

Advancing with the years to remember that a coin was minted 100 Lire Italy Turrita. The 100 Lire Italia Turrita was minted in two versions. And it was coined from 1993 al 2001 when then the lira finally went out of circulation to leave room for the euro.

There are two versions of this coin, one with a small head and one of the second type.

With the help of the moneterare.net site, let’s start with the second type.

These coins on the obverse show a head of Donna Turrita. There are strands of hair intertwined in a double helix like DNA with the inscription Italian Republic around them.

On the reverse there are the symbol of the mint of Rome and the value of 100 lire in a circle. On the edge there are a dolphin and a seagull representing the freedom and then there are an olive branch and an ear of wheat, symbols of peace and freedom.

There was an early version of the coin also minted in 1993 with the smallest head, the first type referred to earlier.

These 100 Lire Italia Turrita Primo Tipo are to be considered rare coins as there are only a few thousand copies in circulation. In the world of collectors this coin is known as the 100 Lire Italia Turrita Testa Piccola.

Rare Coins: the 100 Lire Italia Turrita coin from 1993, the values ​​that they can have today

What values ​​can these coins reach today? So it must be said that the 100 Lire Italia Turrita coins do not reach great values. They have been minted on a large scale and therefore can have a value from 2 euro a 8 euro depending on the year in which they are issued.

Specifically between the 2 and 3 euros those issued up to 1999, 8 euro those issued between 2000 and 2001.

Another speech for the 100 Lire coin Italy Turreted with the Small Head: for example, at an auction, an example of this coin was sold in 2011 for a total value of 180 euros.

The coin obviously must be in the best possible state of conservation or in Brilliant Uncirculated.

Rare coins: the 100 commemorative lire and their value

Let’s now talk about particular examples of 100 Lire coins. Those that are defined as 100 commemorative Lire. In Italy some 100 Lire commemorative coins have been minted over the decades on the occasion of particular situations.

It happened for example in 1974 with the 100 Lire Marconi, in 1979 with the 100 Lire Fao, in 1981 with the 100 Lire of the Naval Academy of Livorno and in 1995 with the 100 Lire Fao Anniversary.

Let’s analyze them all and understand what their value can be if you own one.

Coin of 100 Lire 1974 Guglielmo Marconi

In 1974 the first commemorative 100 Lire coin was issued. Coin dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi.

On the obverse appears the face of Guglielmo Marconi and on the reverse there is the antenna of the transceiver invented by Marconi, together with the indication of the centenary 1874-1974.

How much are the 100 Lire Marconi worth? Those of 1974 have an estimated value of 2 euros. The Silver Trial version is a rare coin and is therefore valued at around 350 euros. The 100 Lire Marconi test in Acmonital is estimated around about 250 euros.

Moneta da 100 Lire 1979 Fao

In 1979 a commemorative 100 Lire coin was minted to celebrate FAO’s Day of Activities. This Italian commemorative coin dates back to 1979.

On the obverse there is a girl’s head with a braid, facing left. On the reverse there is a cow suckling the calf with the writing “Feeding the World“. At the bottom is the word Fao.

The value of these coins today is not particularly high and is estimated at 2 euros.

100 Lire coin 1981 Naval Academy of Livorno coin

In 1981 the 100 Lire coin of the Naval Academy of Livorno was made. This coin was made in 1981 to celebrate the centenary ofNaval Academy of Livorno.

On the obverse is represented the rudder and an anchor, surmounted by a turreted crown. On the reverse the flag of the Italian Navy flutters with the building of the Naval Academy of Livorno in the background, the dates 1881 and 1981 commemorating the centenary.

Also the value of this coin it is not particularly high and does not exceed 2 euros today.

100 Lire coin 1995 FAO anniversary

The 100 lire FAO is the fourth e last commemorative. In this case it commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Fao and was coined in 1995. On the obverse the image is the same as the one hundred lire Italia Turrita.

On the reverse is engraved the indication of the value 100 lire intertwined with an olive branch and an ear of wheat. In the background meridians and parallels recall the terrestrial globe at whose pole there is the symbol of the fiftieth anniversary and the dates 1945-1995.

Even these coins today they are not of great value and never exceed 2 euros.

Rare coins: how to sell them?

You have some of these rare coins? The advice if you are not interested in keeping them is to earn money by contacting a specialized site. And maybe putting them on theasta on line.

Many sites perform this service. It is only necessary to choose the one that inspires the most confidence to have an important gain from one unexpected resource like a rare coin of the old lire.

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