Rare coins, this 2 euro coin is worth a treasure: you could have it!

Rare coins, this 2 euro coin is worth a treasure: you could have it!
Rare coins, this 2 euro coin is worth a treasure: you could have it!

Let’s go back to talking about rare coins, one of the most flourishing markets for what concerns collecting. This € 2 is worth a lot

This 2 euro coin is one of the rarest coins of all (Pixabay)

The world of collecting knows no more secrets. Every day hundreds of ads are published regarding rare coins, stamps, records, vinyls, sneakers, smartphones and so on and so forth. The values ​​are constantly growing, both for the increasingly vast market and for the rarity of the items.

Some features in particular make them even more valuable. They can be minting or printing errors, links with particular historical events, low circulation or other. Today we talk about coins and, specifically, about this from 2 euros that you could have too and is worth a nice nest egg.

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Rare coins, this can be worth up to 125 euros

If you have one, you could take home up to 125 euros in seconds. Here’s how to recognize it (eBay screenshot)

Among the many rare coins, there are some that are not that impossible to find. For example, this 2 euro coin dated 2015 is for sale at the price of 124,99 euro. A price certainly not exceptional, but which can be convenient for many. First minted a San Marino and made for the world year of physics, it is among the most sought after in the enthusiast market.

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What to do to recognize it? In the central part of the coin there is a free interpretation of the allegorical painting by Galileo Galilei, called The buttock physics. In addition, the year of minting is also depicted, which appears on a desk under a globe. Check the house right away, because you might have it in your hand a very precious piece.


Rare coins euro coin worth treasure

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