the EFFECTIVENESS against ADMISSIONS decreases after 4 MONTHS. All DETAILS »

the EFFECTIVENESS against ADMISSIONS decreases after 4 MONTHS. All DETAILS »
the EFFECTIVENESS against ADMISSIONS decreases after 4 MONTHS. All DETAILS »

VACCINE PFIZER and Third DOSE: the EFFECTIVENESS against ADMISSIONS is reduced after 4 MONTHS. All the DETAILS

VACCINE and THIRD DOSE: DURATION protection against ADMISSIONS, the STUDIES do not agree …According to one studio published by Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in the US, the level of protection against hospitalization offered by the vaccine Pfizer decreases in the four months following full vaccination: this is it one of the reasons which pushed towards the third dose.

In particular, for two weeks (12 days) four months after the second dose of Pfizer the recipients were 91% protected from hospitalization, over 120 days, on the other hand, the percentage it’s gone down al 77%.
The vaccine Modern it did not show a comparable decrease in the same period of time: after four months efficacy against severe disease was rated at 92%, a level practically identical to its effectiveness before then (by 93%).

The study, as reported by the newspaper Corriere della Sera, took into account 3,689 adults without immunocompromising conditions, admitted to 21 US hospitals in 18 states from March 11 to August 15, and an additional 100 healthy volunteers enrolled in three hospitals 2/6 weeks after full vaccination. Other studies have shown that Pfizer’s effectiveness against hospitalization remained above 90%, despite the spread of Delta variant: the analyzes therefore do not agree.

And in Italy? Vaccination effectiveness also depends on the definitions of “severe case” and a great deal on how much the virus circulates in a country: where there are no mitigation measures and few vaccinated, the virus still infects more and a percentage of the infected are also vaccinated people who can (to a lesser extent) end up in hospital.

In Italy, the data of the latest monitoring of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), published on Friday, show better numbers: an efficacy against vaccine hospitalizations of 93.1% and against hospitalization in intensive care of 95.4% (period 4 April-12 September).



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